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Sweet and Spicy Prawns 嘻哈大笑 (干煎虾碌)

This prawn dish is sticky and fragrant, one can't help licking the sticky and yummy sauce coated on the prawn. And this prawn dish also a common dish that very[...]

Golden Salted Egg Yolk Cornflakes 黄金鹹蛋黄玉米片

Salted egg yolk, butter, curry leaves and chili padi are perfect combo. Any recipe won't go wrong when using these ingredients. When i saw my friend made this,[...]

Sweet and Sour Pig Maw 酸甜猪肚

Hi all, sorry for not updating my blog for almost 2 months. Just realized that my blog also celebrate 10th years anniversary this year. After 10 years , time[...]

Natural Yeast made with Apple Yeast Water[...]

After i gaining more experiences with making sourdough and soft bread using natural yeast from sourdough starter , then i promised myself to try back apple[...]

Sourdough Foccacia _Paddington House of[...]

~Ham and Cheese Foccacia Sandwich~ I have been baking a lot sourdough bread mainly for my family consumption. I have never think of one day i can even supply[...]

Ayam Masak Merah / Malay Spicy Tomato Chicken[...]

I love Ayam masak merah !! I have been cooking this nice flavorful Malay dish but have yet to update a proper recipe ( brief old recipe in 2009 !!) on my blog.[...]

Making Natural Yeast (Sourdough starter) 自制_[...]

This is not my first time dealing with natural yeast. The first time i made natural yeast with apple . I didn't continue to bake with the first natural yeast[...]

Pain de campagne_natural yeast 天然酵母_乡村面包

When I travelling in Europe, i like to enjoy their sourdough bread especially in Germany where they have good sourdough breads. And also admiring on those[...]

Bear wholemeal Pull-Apart bread_Natural[...]

My bread baking journey has begun with natural yeast, i guess it is quite hard for me to use back instant yeast to bake bread. There is nothing wrong baking[...]

Homemade Pineapple Jam 自制黄梨酱

My best melt-in-mouth pineapple tarts is one my family top choice of CNY cookies especially my younger sister who is super love my pineapple tarts. But I[...]

Rooster Pineapple Tarts_2017 CNY[...]

The first post of 2017 dedicate to my favourite pineapple tar t. Made them into rooster shape since coming CNY is a rooster year. Rooster Pineapple Tarts_2017[...]

Penang Lobak (meat rolls)_2017 CNY_  槟城炸卤肉卷_金鸡报春

This is a real Penang Lobak that shared by my Penang friend's mother. When i first tasted this yummy rolls, I immediately requested for the recipe, and glad[...]

Chocolate Chiffon Cake_with natural yeast[...]

Natural yeast from sourdough starter can be very versatile, not only can make into bread, even can use it to make baozi, steamed cake , kuih-muih, pancake,[...]

Pumpkin Rose buns_with natural yeast[...]

When i was planning to make some buns using natural yeast from sourdough starter , a rose shape came into my mind since this Sunday is Mother's day. I also[...]

Snowy Milk Buns _Natural yeast 天然酵母_牛奶小餐包

Actually this is just a normal milk buns recipe using natural yeast, but i wanted it to look special, so i sprinkle flour on top, so it look white and pure ,[...]


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