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Dried fruit Flaxseed Muffins: High fibre muffins

One thing that i really love about this muffin is the texture of it ^^. As there are dried fruits and flaxseeds, each bite is fun, hehe. The key to this lovely[...]

Vietnamese Braised pork belly

The best way to stay happy is eating everything that you want, hehe. Yes, I really believe this motto, but don't get me wrong, eating everything that you want[...]

Yam Naem Khao Tod (ยำแหนมข้าวทอด)

First this is my personal recipe, so don't be surprised that it's not what you'd seen at Thai market. When I was very young, my mom didn't allow me to eat[...]

Baking with kid: Easy Honey Madeleine

There are so many recipes that you can let your children make it for you, haha. My niece loves to bake (well, she loves to do many things like swimming,[...]

Breakfast Yogurt Feta Pide

Pide is one kind flatbread in Turkish cuisine. A pizza-like dish where the filling is placed on the (often boat-shaped) dough before baking (information from[...]

Chocolate Ganache Cake

I really wanted to eat chocolate cake, it's the only thing that I thought about as soon as I wake up. Well, I eat chocolate almost everyday, but chocolate cake[...]

Chocolate chip waffles

Simple waffle is good but would it be better, if you can add something that you like to make it more delicious. Plus this recipe is very, very and very easy[...]

Maple Cookies

One of my favorite moment of each day, is when I reading cookbook and let my imagination run wild. Thinking about what it will be like, or what kind of the[...]

Basque cheesecake: Burnt and delicious[...]

I saw photos of this cheesecake a long time ago, and I really wanted to know what it will be taste like. The top of the cheesecake is dark and brunt, and I[...]

Sable cookies: butter, butter cookie time!

I'm so crazy about butter lately (actually, I'm always crazy about food, haha). But butter is special, and each brand has its personality, and when you use it[...]

The easiest Oven-free Chocolate tart

It's raining everyday, and it makes me want to sit down and read a book rather than doing anything else. Esp. shooting a video, it's hard to make it beautiful[...]

Modern Pastry with Quentin Bailly at PBA

Framboise/ Estragon en demi sphere QB 2018 We can't stop learning, and I think that's it true. There are so many reasons for each person to keep on learning[...]

Vanilla Rum Pound Cake

Simple cake really needs the best ingredients ^^. As I always say that I rarely eat low fat, low sugar food or sweet, because the best way to stay happy and[...]

Pissaladière: salty delicious

Mostly, I enjoy drinking at home (except when traveling ^^), there are many good things about drinking at home, esp when you're drinking with your friends.[...]

Cream Biscuits: My simply recipe

You can never have too much of something you like ^^. For me there are many, many things that I like: cookbooks, light novels, blu ray, games, load of cooking[...]


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