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No-churn Green tea Ice cream (抹茶アイスクリーム)

You may think it's hard to make ice cream without the machine, but it's not and after seeing this recipe, you will know that it's easier too, hehe. And I'm not[...]

Banana Chiffon, softer banana cake

Soft and fluffy, it's what you will get from chiffon cake. I make it quite often, but most of the time I only make plain or coffee one. But this time, to add[...]

Chicken Teriyaki Khao jee Rice Burger (Khao[...]

Khao jee is Northeastern Thai (Isaan) style snack, it made from Thai Sticky Rice that had been dipped in the egg and grilled. Authentic recipe uses steamed[...]

Corn muffins

Breakfast is my favourite meal because I can eat load of it, I always feel hungry as soon as I open my eyes in the morning, haha. So it will be great to have[...]

Lemon Bars

Sweet and tangy that's what I love about lemon bar. Actually, I love lemon, its fragrance and taste, and if you remember one of my all time favourite dessert[...]

Pumpkin Cake

Simple pumpkin cake, that you can eat without adding any frosting ^^, is what I want. I love the sweet taste of it with bright yellow color, it makes the cake[...]

Baked Chocolate Donut with peanut butter glaze

When talking about donut, there are many kinds of it. You can have baked, fried, yeast or cake donut. For me I rarely make fried donut (not that I don't like[...]

Brown sugar coffee roll

Using different kind of sugar can change the taste and texture of the cake. I love playing with it, honey, light or brown sugar, syrup and etc., it's fun to[...]

Simple Yellow Butter cake with chocolate[...]

Because I bake almost everyday, and it's not easy to eat all of them, haha, so my best solution is giving, sometime my niece has to take them to school to give[...]

Green Tea Cake

Soft green tea sponge cake with load of whipped cream, it's one of my family favourite. The cake that my family requested is roll cake, but I just don't want[...]

Pumpkin scones

One of my favourite vegetable is pumpkin, soft and sweet it's my kind of food ^^. It can be used in my ways, in cake, bread, pudding, tart, cheesecake etc. or[...]

Yellow Gelatinous rice with shrimp topping

There are many varieties of Thai dessert that combine both salty and sweet in one dish. And it's the kind of dessert that I love to eat, as each bite is full[...]

Pork and Corn Gratin

It's not hard to cook for my niece, well I don't know about other kids, but she can eat almost everything that I cook. Actually, everything with cheese is Ok[...]

Sweet and salty cookies

Cookies don't have to be sweet only ^^, and when you try this cookie you will agree with me. This cookie is additive, because with each bite you will get both[...]

Simple Baked Cheesecake

The best thing about something simple is you will never get bored of it ^^. Simple, and easy, it's the kind of recipe that I love, no need for technique or[...]


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