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Thin Whole Wheat Pizza

Thin and crisp, it's the pizza that you asked for ^^. If you can make bread, making pizza is not hard, as it's the same as making flat bread. The only thing[...]

Brown sugar Apple crumble with Custard sauce

Soft and lightly sweet saute apple with fragrance brown sugar crumble, is the best comfort dessert for me. I love cooked apple, soft and melt in the mouth[...]

Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Last week, one of the reader ask me about the cookie with load of chocolate chunks, and I told her that I will post the recipe for her. Luckily that I have to[...]

White chocolate cranberry scones

Sweet and lightly tangy, is what I love about this scone, plus richness, it's one of the delicious scone that you must try. Serve plain, with butter or jam,[...]

Condensed milk Banana Cake

One of my family favourite cake, and I will never have too many recipe of it. Banana cake is easy to make, and it's delicious! Only thing that you need to be[...]

Strawberry Meringue cake

And now, we're in 2018, with lot of hectic moment in the year of 2017, there are something that I want to change in this year ^^. Don't worry, I'm not going to[...]

Flourless Chocolate Roll with white chocolate[...]

Have you ever dreamed soft and fluffy chocolate roll that packed with load of chocolate flavour! Nothing much in this cake, only chocolate, egg, sugar, oil[...]

Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

I baked load of cookies lately ^^, well it's Christmas, and new year, so it's time for giving! Cookie is easy to make, pack and keep, so it's very suitable for[...]

Bacon Rice Pilaf

I love one dish meal, ^^ because it's so easy to make and less to wash too. With only one small pan ( I use small cast iron pan, it's suitable for cooking for[...]

No Knead Batter Buns

I rarely post bread recipe in my blog lately, and you may think that I didn't bake it, but the fact is my sister uses bread machine all the time, haha, so I[...]

Simple and super easy small size Christmas[...]

My sister and her son comes home every new year, and every times she will ask me to bake fruitcake for her. And yes, I made a lot of fruitcake before (and many[...]

Thin and flourless peanut butter cookies

This cookie is for peanut butter lover ^^, because it's the peanut butter in portable form, hehe. I know that there are many peanut butter cookie recipe in my[...]

Traveling with dailydelicious: Hokkaido day 8-9[...]

Now, we arrived at the last destination for this trip: Otaru If you want to read previous post click here: Traveling with dailydelicious: Hokkaido day one,[...]

Lamb Buns: Having fun in your kitchen

Christmas is coming, and yes, I'm in the mood to play ^^. And the best place for me to have fun is in my own kitchen, hehe. Today I got an idea from the book :[...]

Traveling with dailydelicious: Hokkaido day 6-7[...]

Our sweet brunch at Kinotoya cafe We started our day in Sapporo, by walking from the hotel to small coffee shop. If you want to read previous post click here:[...]


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