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Mini Chicken Quiche

Another creation to toy with my new pie maker.... using the same chicken filling that I posted yesterday but turning into quiche instead..... By:[...]

Poached Egg Pie (Pai Telur Mata Kerbau)

This simple breakfast ala Egg Benedict in Roti Canai pie is such a simple idea that I created since my electric pie maker arrived several days ago. It can be[...]


Rigatoni with Tuna & Egg Sauce

Hi there! Sorry been quiet lately.... life is so hectic & breathless.... Still cooking like usual but always in a rush that the family can't wait for[...]

Mini Sausage Quiche

My hubby & AlongRiz were in kampung and therefore I opted for something light to serve breakfast today for four of us (plus Liana of course).... My two[...]

Telur Rebus Mata Kerbau (Poached Egg)

Following yesterday's entry, herewith method & tips to make a nice shaped poached egg. By: [email protected] Source: Majalah Sedap How to make nice round[...]

Smooth Loofah & Egg Soup (Sayur Labu Air &[...]

Something simple but we in the house like it...... By: [email protected] INGREDIENTS: 1/2 Smooth Loofah - peel & cut 1 Red Chili* 2 Shallots* 1 clove[...]

Smoked Fish Quiche

I first made this quiche in year 2000 and ever since it has been my favourite and often very popular during office entertainment. However, it has been a long[...]

Sambal Scrambled Eggs

This is nice to go with rice as side dish or sandwich it between two pieces of bread or eat it with Roti Canai... You can adjust the amount of chili to suit[...]

Gulai Lemak Telur Masin (Salted Egg in Green[...]

I had lunch at my good friend's house few weeks ago whereby she invited her friend (Kak Nor) to cook this special dish. This dish typically using fresh duck[...]

Bitter Gourd with Potato & Egg

Actually I wanted to make bitter gourd stuffed with potato but I was rushing after returning from office today and ended up stir fry everything in the wok.[...]

Egg Tofu in Oyster Sauce

This is a continuation from yesterday post on Homemade Fried Tofu. The story did not end there. I made this dish from the fried egg tofu.... nyummmmmmy![...]

Homemade Egg Tofu

I made a lot of soya bean juice yesterday and hence also made the above homemade tofu for the very first time. I am very pleased with the outcome and my[...]

Ketam Telur Masin (Chili Crabs with Salted Eggs)

Delicious dish for dinner tonite.... By: [email protected] INGREDIENTS: ~500g Crabs 1 Lemongrass 1/2 Big Onion - sliced 15-20 Dried Chilies* 1/2 Big Onion* 1 cm[...]

Salted Eggs (Telur Masin)

I was excited to find abundance of fresh duck eggs in the hypermarket. I stayed 25 years in Miri but never found any except salted ones. Making my own salted[...]

Telur Terubuk Masin (Salted Fish Egg)

Salted Longtail Shad Eggs are very popular in Sarawak and quite pricey. Deep fry it and serve with fried onions and chilies to accompany white rice or rice[...]


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