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Found 5 recipes

Black Pepper Lamb

The last dish that I cooked before AngahRuz returned to KL which was his choice. Hope he will not miss home cooking for a while.... well I fulfilled his few[...]

Spicy Fried Lamb (Kambing Goreng Berempah)

Another dish from last week Idh Adha... Sorry it takes a week long to share all the recipes from my Idh menu. I could only afford to update one recipe a day[...]


Mee Racun (Noodles in Red Lamb Soup)

Mee Racun literally translated to "Poisonous Noodles".... do you dare.... hahahaaa. I was taken aback when I first learn about this..... to me a bad name is[...]

Lamb Curry

Dah lama tingin nak makan lamb, tapi kat Miri ni lamb import dia tak sah2 tulis halal so malas nak beli (orang Melayu lain ramai yang beli tapi kita jangan[...]

Lamb Vindaloo

Vindaloo is my favourite dish when I was studying in UK many years ago. The dish was served in many Northern Indian restaurants in London. I managed to obtain[...]


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