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Dried Shrimp Serunding (Serunding Udang Kering)

Preparing for the coming Ramadhan.... this is something can be stocked for suhoor (pre-dawn meal) or for a quick supper like glutinous kuih, pressed rice,[...]

Fish in Green Chili Sambal (Ikan Bersambal[...]

Our office postman sold very cheap green chilies fresh from his garden. I bought two bags which costs only RM2 each. Since I have plenty of it, here what I[...]

Basil Fish (Ikan Bersambal Daun Selasih)

I bought our family's favourite Yellow Tail Snapper recently.... We love it deep fried until crispy on the outside but juicy in the inside. Some types of[...]

Fettuccine in Special Salmon Tomato Sauce

Come and join our delicious, finger licking breakfast this morning. Fettuccine served with special tomato sauce which contains smoked salmon, imported fresh[...]

Basil Sweet Sour Fish (Ikan Masak Masam Manis[...]

No one in the house will complain even if I were to cook Sweet Sour Fish everyday.... of course I will not insanely cook the same dish everyday... not even[...]

Spicy Oyster Sauce  Chicken (Ayam Sos Tiram)

This dish looks like curry but not quite.... check out the ingredients and method and you will see the difference compared to typical Malay curry... no[...]

Fish in Baked Beans Sauce (Ikan Masak Sos[...]

Does it sound unusual combination? Well, try it.... not bad actually and especially nice if your kids love baked beans. I actually ran out of idea for dinner[...]

Fish Tom Yum Lemak

I was very busy today with usual house chores in the week-end and a baking project, so gotta cooked something simple for lunch. Somehow I feel that I gotta to[...]

Rigatoni with Tuna & Egg Sauce

Hi there! Sorry been quiet lately.... life is so hectic & breathless.... Still cooking like usual but always in a rush that the family can't wait for[...]

Cucur Udang Rangup (Crispy Shrimp Dumpling)

Today is a public holiday (Good Friday) in Sarawak (but not in Peninsular).... good news is we have one extra rest day... the bad news is tummy tend to get[...]

Fish Soup (Sup Ikan)

We had fresh fish from kampung so cooking them into simple soup is really nice as they are still 'sweet' and I don't want to overwhelm them by too much spices[...]

Baked Salmon

These are our dinner tonite. My two sons had no appetite for rice so it is the time to do something with the 2-feet-long salmon that been sitting in the[...]

Grilled Tuna Sandwich

Breakfast this morning is still in the same theme from last last night.... tuna, salad & garlic bread....hehe. The boyz clapping their hands for this type[...]

Steamed Fish in Tomato & Basil Sauce (Ikan[...]

I bought a medium size fresh fish yesterday and decided to steam it.... By: [email protected] INGREDIENTS: 1 whole (800g) Fish 1 tsp Tamarind Paste 2-3 cloves[...]

Grilled Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce

I found a huge frozen/boneless Salmon fillet in the supermarket and grabbed it right away without thinking what to do with it. It had been quite some time[...]

Salmon Fettuccine

A reader from Canada gave me a surprise gift few months ago - a box of smoked salmon. I didn't rush to cook it because it has a shelve live of 5 years and I[...]


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