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Macadamia & White Chocolate Nougat Cookies

This cookie recipe came from the fact that I didn't know how to finish a large bar of White Chocolate with Honey & Almond Nougat that I had in the fridge.[...]

Source: - 04/03/2021
Dinner with the Parents!

Since I was snowed-in alone for days, I decided to turn my involuntary "snow quarantine" into a full-on Covid quarantine and visit my parents. So I stayed home[...]

Source: - 04/03/2021
Injera, Granola, & Power Pancakes!

I've been craving Ethiopian food for several weeks, and I finally satisfied that craving last Thursday with some takeout from Abyssinia . I got the Veggie[...]

Source: - 04/03/2021
Dumplings, Hamantash, & Gas Station Indian Food

Last Saturday, LuLu's at the Cooper-Young Farmer's Market was selling handmade Cabbage & Carrot Dumplings . They were sold five to a container, so I just[...]

Source: - 04/03/2021
Tater Soup, Tacos, & Carrot Pants

Last Friday, I made the Garlicky Rosemary Potato Soup from The No Meat Athlete Cookbook , and I'm happy to report that picky Paul loved it and went back for[...]

Source: - 04/03/2021
Tri-color Cat Bread

I bought a lot of baking pan in the last 3 months ^^. Well, I know even we don't have every style or size of them, we're still able to create many kinds of[...]

Source: - 25/02/2021
Donuts, Quesadillas, & Chick'n Burgers!

Last Friday morning, my friend Pam sent me a text that said "Look outside your door." So I did. And there was a box of Darling Donuts! Pam ordered her friends[...]

Source: - 25/02/2021
King Cake Donuts & Tofu Scrambles!

Most years, I make a vegan king cake for Fat Tuesday and share it with my coworkers, but almost a year into the pandemic, I'm still working from home. I could[...]

Source: - 25/02/2021
Pasta, Dal, & Chili-Stuffed Potatoes!

Over the weekend, I made the One Pot Pasta from The No Meat Athlete Cookbook as a night-before-my-long-run carby dish. That said, my long run only ended up[...]

Source: - 25/02/2021

On New Year’s Day, I started a point system where I get a point every time I do one of the healthy habits associated with my New Year’s resolutions[...]

Source: - 18/02/2021
A Snowy Valentine's Weekend!

It's been an icy/snowy week in Memphis! Last Thursday, we had an ice storm, and it started snowing on Sunday. Temps have been in the teens and single digits,[...]

Source: - 18/02/2021
Milky Strawberry Roll

Last week, I was so busy. Even I really wanted to share this recipe last week (so you can prepare it for Valentine's day), I couldn't make it! You can see that[...]

Source: - 11/02/2021
Dumplins, Protein Pancakes, & Blackeyed Pea Stew

On Monday, Imagine Vegan Cafe posted their daily special on Instagram — Vegan Chicken & Dumplins!!! — and I just had to have some. This[...]

Source: - 11/02/2021
SuperBowl Snacks!

Just a quick post tonight to share what I ate for last night's SuperBowl! I'm not a football fan. The game moves too slowly for my taste. I much prefer[...]

Source: - 11/02/2021
Donuts, Scramble, Stir-Fry, & Bowls

Last Saturday, Darling Donuts did a pop-up sale at the Be Mine Memphis pop-up shop in the Broad Ave Arts District. It didn't open until noon, so I timed my[...]

Source: - 11/02/2021
Banana Nut Cookies

This recipe is a repost of the recipe that I posted it a long time ago (more than 10 years). Because the original recipe that I posted is quite large, and I[...]

Source: - 04/02/2021
Cheezy Chickpeas, Taco Tuesday, & Purple Soup!

Although I don't really subscribe to the Engine 2 way of eating (I eat a little oil, and I couldn't live without smoothies), I do subscribe to their[...]

Source: - 04/02/2021
Focaccia Friday! Spinach Dip! Valentine's[...]

Pizzeria Trasimeno in Crosstown Concourse has a deal where you can get two pizzas and a six-pack of Crosstown Brewing Co. beer (brewed on-site!!) for just $30.[...]

Source: - 04/02/2021
No Meat Bolognese Two Ways + GGB Bowls & More!

I know it seems like No Meat Athlete is the only thing I talk about, but I REALLY just love this brand so much. I've been on a mission to make every single[...]

Source: - 04/02/2021
Imbolc Eats!

Yesterday (Feb. 2) was Imbolc, the cross-quarter day that celebrates the return of Spring. It's the halfway point between Winter Solstice and the Spring[...]

Source: - 04/02/2021
Cauliflower Forever! And Some Other Meals!

Y'all, I really love cauliflower. It's so versatile. You can roast it, steam it, saute it, mash it, steak it, or even rice it. When I first saw Julia Murray of[...]

Source: - 28/01/2021
Simple Apple Cake

One of the fruits that I think we should have in the fridge is the apple. You can use it in various menus both savory and sweet, bake, boil or turn it into a[...]

Source: - 21/01/2021
Cookbook Review: The Batch Cook E-Book

I love to cook, and if I was retired and had all the time in the world, I'd cook fresh meals every day. But I have a day job, a lot of time-consuming hobbies[...]

Source: - 21/01/2021
Vegan Options at Mellow Mushroom

Full disclosure: Mellow Mushroom provided a $25 gift card so I could sample and blog about a few of their vegan items. I remember, years ago, every time I'd[...]

Source: - 21/01/2021
Vegan Pho + Quesadillas + Raw Girls Treats

HAPPY INAUGURATION DAY!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited and relieved! Okay, I know you're here for the food ... A couple Saturday nights ago, Paul and I were[...]

Source: - 21/01/2021

Last year, I bought a lot of game soft, books, and manga, but I rarely had time to spend with them. Well, there was a time that we had to work and now when I'm[...]

Source: - 15/01/2021
Black Forest Pavlova

I always have this problem: a lot of egg whites in my freezer! Even I try to use it often, I still have about 3-4 bags in my freezer (I put the egg white in a[...]

Source: - 15/01/2021
Some Stuff I Ate in Nashville

On the day after Christmas, I drove to Nashville to meet up with Paul and his family and exchange gifts. As you probably saw on the news, there was a suicide[...]

Source: - 14/01/2021
Bagel Sandwich, Drunken Noodz, & Salads

Back around Black Friday, I purchased the No Meat Athlete Health & Fitness Bundle, which had lots of e-cookbooks, fitness programs, and even life coaching[...]

Source: - 14/01/2021
Glorious Bowls, Breads, & Burgers

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I'm trying to cook only from the e-cookbooks I got in the No Meat Athlete Health & Fitness Bundle. My favorite of those[...]

Source: - 14/01/2021
Banana Nut cake

Happy New Year 2021!!!! I think that many of you might have a lot of plans and targets for this year. Actually, I felt that everything is the same, haha, maybe[...]

Source: - 08/01/2021
Happy 2021!

Happy New Year! And sorry again for the long absence. I guess I just needed a blogging break, but I'm back with a little New Year's Eve/Day post. Maynard would[...]

Source: - 07/01/2021
Vegan Omelets, Corn Dogs, & Tacos!

I've been cooking a lot out of e-books lately, and my current obsession is the Hooked On Plants e-book by Olympian (and No Meat Athlete host) Julia Murray. Her[...]

Source: - 07/01/2021
Steakhouse Burger, Veggie Curry, & More!

I'm not doing a reset or cleanse this year, as I have in January's past. But I am trying to stick with my 80% whole foods/20% indulgent guidelines. That said,[...]

Source: - 07/01/2021
Steamed sticky rice with Shiitake: Shiitake[...]

If you love to eat ZongziI think you will love this recipe too. But this one is a lot easier version, both in the method and the ingredient. As the main flavor[...]

Source: - 01/01/2021
Espresso Chocolate Biscotti

This time, the taste of my cookie is very intense! Because of both coffee and chocolate that we put (a lot of it) into the cookie, I think that both coffee and[...]

Source: - 01/01/2021
Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Recap!

Sorry for the long pause without a post. I'm off work until January 4th, and I'm finding it difficult to do things that involve being on the internet. Well,[...]

Source: - 31/12/2020
Chicken farm Bakers' Project: Lovely Cookies in[...]

My friend wrote a message to me about the reunion project of the Chicken farm Baking's Project. It's a group of friends that we gathered for making baking[...]

Source: - 25/12/2020
Italian Takeout! Tacos! Tofu!

Tonight (Takeout Thursday!), I ordered delivery from Pizzeria Trasimeno in Crosstown Concourse . They deliver for free within four miles of Concourse, and I'm[...]

Source: - 24/12/2020
The Last Brekky Sandwich + Biscotti + Loaded[...]

This past weekend was the last for LuLu's at Puck Food Hall. Puck is officially closed, and LuLu's is looking for a new space. In the meantime, they'll be at[...]

Source: - 24/12/2020
Winter Solstice Feast!

Quick post tonight! I just wanted to share some pics of my Winter Solstice/Yule meal. Monday was the Solstice (and the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter,[...]

Source: - 24/12/2020
Green Tea Chiffon Sandwich

I thought about making a chiffon sandwich a long time ago, but there are so many things that I want to do, haha. It's easy to serve, eat, and cute! This time I[...]

Source: - 18/12/2020
U.S. Black Bean Mont Blanc

When December comes, the things that we think about are the party, Christmas, and New year, it ’ s time to celebrate. But I think that it will be great[...]

Source: - 18/12/2020
Frittata Time! Plus, Rice Bowl & Rice Noodz

Last Thursday, I had a rare morning off running because I was tapering for my St. Jude 2-Race 10K/Half-Marathon Challenge. So I traded my usual post-run[...]

Source: - 17/12/2020
Tacos! Taco Salad! Taco Bowls!

Look, I know it's Monday, but is it ever too early in the week to talk about tacos? I'm already dreaming about the black bean and potato tacos I'm going to eat[...]

Source: - 17/12/2020
Holiday Donuts! Indian Food! Noodles!

Darling Donuts has been killing it with the themed holiday boxes! I last ordered from my friend Lily's vegan donut business when she had the Spooky Box back at[...]

Source: - 17/12/2020
Cookbook Review: Evolving Vegan

I've got a lot of cookbooks. Hundreds. In fact, I just did a big KonMari purge of my cookbook collection and made a donate pile of at least 50 to 60 books, and[...]

Source: - 17/12/2020
Cookbook Review: East

Sometimes a cookbook comes along that's as much a work of art as it is a cookbook. That's the case with East by Meera Sodha. The tagline "120 Vegan and[...]

Source: - 10/12/2020
Sunflower Yogurt Bread

Bread again! ^^ But this time, it's a healthy kind of bread (the last time was a bread that's packed with butter, egg, sugar, and cream, haha). With[...]

Source: - 04/12/2020
White chocolate cashew nut cookies

Cookies again, haha. I think that I have more than 100++ cookie recipes in my blog right now because I bake it almost every week. There are thousands (and[...]

Source: - 04/12/2020
Thanksgiving 2020 Recap!

My favorite holiday has come and gone! I finished my last plate of leftovers for lunch today, and I'm so sad Thanksgiving (or, as vegans like to call it,[...]

Source: - 03/12/2020
Solstice Decorating & Snacks!

Black Friday is my veganaversary! As of last week, I've been vegan 16 years and vegetarian for 26 years. The date that I celebrate changes every year since[...]

Source: - 03/12/2020
Butternut Mac, Sheet Pan Meals & Moroccan Soup!

The week before Thanksgiving, I was trying extra hard to eat mostly whole foods since I knew I'd be subsisting on plant meat and casseroles for days after the[...]

Source: - 03/12/2020
New Daily Meal Themes for Fall/Winter!

If you were following my blog over the summer, you might have noticed that I'd adopted some daily meal themes to plan my dinners around. I got the idea from[...]

Source: - 26/11/2020
Southern Fried Awesomeness + Omelets, Mac, &[...]

A few weeks ago, a traveling vegan pop-up made a stop at Memphis Made Brewing Co. Southern Fried Vegan is oddly based out of California, nowhere near the[...]

Source: - 26/11/2020
Sugar Tart

Let's making bread! Well, for me kneading bread dough is the best way to reduce my stress, haha, plus we get delicious bread too. As I told you that I bake[...]

Source: - 20/11/2020
Impossible Everything! And a Chili-Cheese[...]

I've been trying to find all kinds of fun new ways to use my chipotle chickpea chili that I made on Chef AJ's show a couple weeks ago. Chili is great on its[...]

Source: - 19/11/2020
Pizza, Porridge, & Sandwiches!

A couple Fridays ago, we filmed some promotional videos for work, highlighting some of our Crosstown Concourse businesses and the fact that our multi-use[...]

Source: - 19/11/2020
Cookbook Review: The Plant Protein Revolution[...]

Has any vegan cookbook author written as many books as Robin Robertson? This woman is prolific! I have many of Robin's books, and they're all fantastic. And[...]

Source: - 19/11/2020
Recipe: Fluffy, Oil-Free Blueberry Protein[...]

Now that it's getting cooler out, I'm trading my post-run protein smoothies for warmer protein-packed treats. Protein oats, protein muffins ... heck, this[...]

Source: - 19/11/2020
Rosette Shortbread

Shortbread is one of the easiest cookies ^^ The ingredient list for making it is very short, but the taste of this cookie is always the best! I make it quite[...]

Source: - 13/11/2020
Chocolate Raspberry Muffins

Because I bake less than usual, I don't have enough chocolate lately. My family members started to go on diet, and now I have to eat all the things that I bake[...]

Source: - 13/11/2020
Bowls! Burritos! Bagels!

Just over here stuffing my face while we wait on this excruciatingly slow vote count. Anyone else stress-eating snacks? I am trying to keep my meals pretty[...]

Source: - 12/11/2020
Samhain/Halloween Eats!

Halloween/Samhain was over a week ago, but I forgot to share my food pics! So here's a belated Samhain recap. On Halloween morning, our friends Sheridan and[...]

Source: - 12/11/2020
Lemongrass Tofu: Three Ways

On the Friday that our sweet Gelfling (our 15-year-old kitty) died, the only thing I wanted to eat was comfort food — something greasy and fried that[...]

Source: - 12/11/2020
Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day!

I don't know about y'all, but I've never quite understand the breakfast skippers. I usually have about three meals before lunch! There's first breakfast (aka[...]

Source: - 12/11/2020
Beef garlic rice

Today's menu is fried rice!!! Actually, it's the easiest rice menu, and one of my favorite things on earth, haha. For me making fried rice is fun, esp. when I[...]

Source: - 06/11/2020
I Run for Beer (and Donuts!!) Virtual 5K

After most of our races were cancelled due to COVID, Paul and I got a little overly excited about virtual races with really cool medals! I signed up for a few;[...]

Source: - 05/11/2020
In Memory of Gelfing (Oct. 2005-Oct. 30 2020)

On Friday, we said goodbye to Gelfling, our scrappy little alpha kitty. Giver of the most aggressive head butts, ruler of the house, dominator of pit bulls.[...]

Source: - 05/11/2020
Tacos, Crabless Cakes, & More!

Why does Election Day always fall on Taco Tuesday? Well, technically, that's because Election Day is always on a Tuesday. But I'd like to think some divine[...]

Source: - 05/11/2020
Falafel! Dal! Savory Oats!

A couple Takeout Thursdays ago, I picked up some Falafel and Tabbouleh from Global Café at Crosstown Concourse. Global has the best falafel in town! They're so[...]

Source: - 05/11/2020
Lime, poppy seed cookies

Now, I have a lot of lime!!! There were many years ago that lime was very expensive, so my mom told my brother that we should grow it by ourselves, and right[...]

Source: - 30/10/2020
Asheville Birthday Trip, Days 4-5

I spent my 40th birthday on a camping trip in Asheville, North Carolina! Yesterday, I shared pictures from my actual birthday, and the day before, I shared[...]

Source: - 29/10/2020
Recipe: Blueberry Banana Cardamom Protein[...]

For the past couple of months, I've been trying to follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle, which means eating seasonally and focusing on foods that are best aligned[...]

Source: - 29/10/2020
Bagels, Burgers, and Breakfast Sushi!

I'm so behind at these meal round-up posts, so here are some things I ate a long time ago! Like two months ago! LuLu's – my favorite Friday breakfast[...]

Source: - 29/10/2020
Soup, Spaghetti, & Stewed Okra!

Before we get into tonight's post, I wanted to share this link to my appearance yesterday on Chef AJ's show! I made the chipotle chickpea chili from Cookin'[...]

Source: - 29/10/2020
Strawberry White chocolate Mousse cake

My family members (esp. my brother) started going on diet lately, and I had a problem that I couldn't finish all the things that I made by myself. Because all[...]

Source: - 22/10/2020
Vegan Almond Madeleine

Another vegan recipe for this month ^^. Because many people still asked for vegan recipes, this recipe is for you. We can't use egg, milk products, yeast (and[...]

Source: - 22/10/2020
Asheville Birthday Trip: Days 1-2

I'm back! I've spent the past few days in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina for my 40th birthday. When COVID gives you lemons, you gotta make lemonade. Since[...]

Source: - 22/10/2020
My 40th Birthday in Asheville, NC (Day 3)

October 16 (on a Friday this year!) was my 40th birthday. We went on a camping trip to Asheville, North Carolina to celebrate, and we arrived the day before.[...]

Source: - 22/10/2020
Cranberry, White chocolate Macadamia nuts[...]

I made this recipe 2 times in one week! The first time, after baking, I sent them to my sister and gave the rest to many people, so I had only 2-3 pieces left.[...]

Source: - 16/10/2020
Vegan Brownies

This time my brownie is not only rich in chocolate taste but it contains no egg or any dairy product too! Well, in October I will post vegan (or vegetarian[...]

Source: - 16/10/2020
U.S. White Bean Halloween Brownies

When October comes, I think that most people will think about Halloween ^^. It's one of the fun events for the kids (and the grown-ups). This time, I made[...]

Source: - 16/10/2020
Cookbook: Two Dollar Radio Guide to Vegan[...]

Before the authors of the new Two Dollar Radio Guide to Vegan Cooking reached out about a review post on my blog, I'd never heard of Two Dollar Radio —[...]

Source: - 15/10/2020
Funnel Cake! Corn Dogs! Fried Vegan Chicken!

I do my best to eat well at home. But when I dine out, all bets are off! Isn't the whole point of eating out to treat yourself? Case in point — a couple[...]

Source: - 15/10/2020
Early 40th Birthday with the Family!

Tomorrow, Paul and I are taking off on a road trip to Asheville, North Carolina to celebrate my 40th birthday (it's Friday!), so this will be my last post for[...]

Source: - 15/10/2020
Grape Tarts

Well, the reason that I made this tart was that my brother bought a large box of the Shine Muscat grapes. Grapes are one of my family's favorite fruit, so[...]

Source: - 09/10/2020
Review: Laiki Rice Crackers

A few months ago, I was perusing the aisles at Sprouts, looking for a new cracker. Crackers with hummus is a standard, almost-daily snack for me, and I'm[...]

Source: - 08/10/2020
Tacos! Burgers! Chess Bars!

Happy Taco Tuesday! If it weren't for tacos, Tuesdays would be kind of lame. It's nowhere near the weekend, and it lacks the "fresh start" excitement of[...]

Source: - 08/10/2020
Weird Tomato! Pasta Power! Root Chakra Soup!

Our very generous tomato plant is finally winding down production. One plant has given me a whole summer's worth of big juicy tomatoes! There are a few green[...]

Source: - 08/10/2020
Carrot & Pineapple Muffins

When talking about muffins you may think about something that is low in fat and quite dry, right? This time our muffin is not dry, or you can say that it is[...]

Source: - 02/10/2020

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