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Pineapple Cake

I think that most of us have to stay at home. And it's the best way to wait for the situation to become better (and I hope that it will be soon). Anyway, stay[...]

Source: - 27/03/2020
Steamed Chocolate chips cake

I know that right now there are so many problems around us. But for this blog, I don't want to talk about it ^^, as sometimes we need a time and place that we[...]

Source: - 27/03/2020
Some Stuff I Ate When the World Was Normal

Hey, remember last week? When we could still move about freely and high-five people with reckless abandon? It seems like a million years ago. Back then, when I[...]

Source: - 26/03/2020
What I Ate the Day Before My First 50K

I ran my first 50K on Saturday!!! That was supposed to be the date of the Big Buffalo 50, a race I've been training for since October (and, really, for three[...]

Source: - 26/03/2020
My First 50K!!!!

I ran my first 50K on Saturday, March 21 — a solo, completely self-supported adventure on the trails at Shelby Farms Park in Memphis. I've been training[...]

Source: - 26/03/2020
Imagine Vegan Cafe Cook-off Challenge, Week 2!

It's week 2 of the Imagine Vegan Cafe Cook-off Challenge. Our local vegan restaurant is pitting its cooks against one another in a friendly cooking contest.[...]

Source: - 19/03/2020
Bowls and Jars!

I'm working from home for the next two weeks, so I'll be doing lots of cooking! But I still have photos from a couple weeks ago to share. Crazy to think I ate[...]

Source: - 19/03/2020
Carrot Cake Cookies

From the recipes that I posted on my blog, I think you can see what I like to eat. Carrot cake is one of the recipes that I have many variations because I[...]

Source: - 13/03/2020
Custard Tarts

I bake a lot of cookies lately, well it's easy to make, eat and keep. I always have a jar of cookies in my kitchen all the time. But you know me, I get bored[...]

Source: - 13/03/2020
Imagine Vegan Cafe Cook-off Challenge, Week 1!

Imagine Vegan Cafe in Memphis just launched a Cook-off Challenge, pitting the cafe's cooks against one another in a fun and friendly recipe cook-off. Each[...]

Source: - 12/03/2020
Tofu Tuesday!

Forget Taco Tuesday! What about Tofu Tuesday?! I'm dedicating this post some recent tofus in my life. Last Wednesday (I know, should have been Tuesday), a[...]

Source: - 12/03/2020
Soup and Salad!

Here's another round-up of random meals. I love Big Ass Salads , especially when I don't have anything else planned for dinner. Here's one I made recently with[...]

Source: - 12/03/2020
Cigarette Cookies

I have a load of egg whites in the fridge ^^. Well, I try to find the recipes to use it and this cookie is one of them. Actually, Cigarette Cookies and langue[...]

Source: - 06/03/2020
What I Ate the Day Before the Little Rock[...]

I ran the Little Rock Marathon this past Sunday! And I got a big PR! I shaved 14 minutes off my previous best marathon time, which I think is in large part to[...]

Source: - 05/03/2020
Little Rock Marathon 2020 Race Recap

I ran the Little Rock Marathon on March 1st! This was my 4th full marathon (although I've attempted five marathons, but didn't make the cut-off for one). It[...]

Source: - 05/03/2020
Parmesan Cheesecake

I had a cold and had to rest for a week ^^" Actually, I didn't have a cold for almost a year, but lately, I have a very hectic life, plus I had to travel, so[...]

Source: - 28/02/2020
Lemon Chiffon Cake

I really love using lemon for baking. Besides the lovely smell, it's refreshing and the tangy taste gives a good contrast to the richness and sweetness. Lemon[...]

Source: - 28/02/2020
Grilled Coconut Sticky Rice

My niece has a cooking class (as a supplementary subject), and most of the menus that she made were Thai sweet. After seeing it almost every day, it makes me[...]

Source: - 28/02/2020
Burgers & Breakfasts!

I've been on a burger kick lately! Today, I went to Farm Burger in Crosstown Concourse for lunch and got the Housemade Vegan Burger with tahini, caramelized[...]

Source: - 27/02/2020
Casserole & Stir-fry!

I know I post a lot of donuts and french fries these days, but I promise I'm still eating mostly whole foods. I'm sticking to the 80/20 Plants rule (80% whole,[...]

Source: - 27/02/2020
Cookies, Buns, & Blueberries!

Happy Mardi Gras! I'll have a full Fat Tuesday-themed post tomorrow, but for now, check out this adorable Mardi Gras Cookie I had on Saturday. Picked up from[...]

Source: - 27/02/2020
Mardi Gras Eats!

Down South, Mardi Gras is a big deal. It's not as big in Memphis as it is in New Orleans, of course. But we're only six hours away, so the Fat Tuesday partying[...]

Source: - 27/02/2020
Bowls! Bars! Galentine's!

Happy Galentine's Day! February 13 is just as important as February 14 because it's the day to celebrate with all your female-identifying friends! My friend[...]

Source: - 20/02/2020
Maple Walnut Bread

Yesterday, my sister said that she wanted me to make bread. When she says something like this, I know she doesn't want me to make sandwich bread, haha, but a[...]

Source: - 14/02/2020
Almond Chocolate Cookies

Last week, I was very busy. Anyway after living my life a hectic way for almost 5 months, next week I think I will have more time for myself. I know that[...]

Source: - 14/02/2020

For Goodness Sakes, Look At Those Cakes

Two weeks ago, my friends Joa and Melissa’s suggested baking on Sundays. Last weekend was the Super Bowl, so we didn’t bake, but yesterday, we did.[...]

Source: - 13/02/2020
Burritos and GGB Bowls!

We're coming to the end of the first week off the Health Made Simple meal plan, and I'm feeling great. I'm still focusing on whole foods, but I'm making more[...]

Source: - 13/02/2020
Review: Be Leaf Vegan Fried Egg!

My dad ordered me an early Valentine's Day gift from Vegan Essentials — a care package with Sjaak's Melk Truffles AND the new Be Leaf Vegan Fried Egg !!![...]

Source: - 13/02/2020
Brekky Sandwiches! Donuts! Indian Food!

On Sunday, my friends from LuLu's hosted a pop-up brunch at the cafe at Crosstown Arts. They had three options — a brekky sandwich, a brekky fried rice[...]

Source: - 13/02/2020
Tacos! Nachos! Carrot Dogs!

On Monday night, I had a board meeting at The Doghouzz , the new(ish) hot dog bar across from Crosstown Concourse. I love their carrot dog, which I've ordered[...]

Source: - 13/02/2020

One of my favorite menu that's made from U.S. chickpeas is Hummus. Creamy and nutty, this dip is packed with all the good things from chickpeas ( Dry U.S.[...]

Source: - 07/02/2020
Orange liqueur Cake

Pound cake is one of the cakes that I love to make (and eat). With only eggs, butter, sugar, and flour (and a small amount of the baking powder) you can create[...]

Source: - 07/02/2020
Health Made Simple for Athletes, Day 24

Another great day on the No Meat Athlete Health Made Simple meal plan! On the last Wednesday of each month, I host a Crosstown Run Crew meet-up after work, and[...]

Source: - 06/02/2020
Health Made Simple for Athletes, Day 25

We're heading into the weekend, and I'm nearly done with Health Made Simple — the four-week meal plan from No Meat Athlete! I have plans to deviate from[...]

Source: - 06/02/2020
Health Made Simple for Athletes Wrap-Up

I'm done with Health Made Simple! Technically, my 4-week whole foods-based meal plan ended Sunday night, but over the weekend, I deviated from the plan a few[...]

Source: - 06/02/2020
Review: Voke Superfood Tablets

I'm a morning person. I wake up at 5 am with pep in my step, ready to take on the day. Okay, real talk, that first 10 minutes after the alarm goes off is[...]

Source: - 06/02/2020
Mini Almond Tarts

Last week, I went to a hospital with my Mom for a yearly check-up, after blood testing, we went to a restaurant for our bunch. And I saw almond tart, well I[...]

Source: - 31/01/2020
Health Made Simple for Athletes, Day 17

It's hard to believe I'm more than halfway through the 4-week Health Made Simple whole foods, plant-based meal plan! I'm fueling my runs and workouts with[...]

Source: - 30/01/2020
Health Made Simple for Athletes, Day 18

Thursday morning started with a 6-mile run (with the last two miles at tempo pace!), so I fueled with a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabar at 5:15 am and[...]

Source: - 30/01/2020
Health Made Simple for Athlete's, Days 19-21

Weekend recap! Last weekend was the third full weekend on Health Made Simple, the whole foods-based meal plan from No Meat Athlete. I'm doing the Athlete Plan[...]

Source: - 30/01/2020
Health Made Simple for Athletes, Day 22

Mondays are workout rest days for me, so I slept in and enjoyed a big ole plate of the Easy & Awesome Tofu Scramble from the No Meat Athlete Health Made[...]

Source: - 30/01/2020
Health Made Simple for Athletes, Day 23

Tuesday morning on the Health Made Simple whole foods-based meal plan started with — you guessed it! — a Larabar, a run (7 miles this time), and a[...]

Source: - 30/01/2020
Brioche Bressane

Well, you can call it sugar and butter bun. But it a luxury kind, as we use brioche as a base. This time I used a stand mixer for kneading the dough, and I[...]

Source: - 24/01/2020
Health Made Simple for Athletes, Day 10 (plus[...]

Wednesday started with a 6-mile fartlek run (that's speedwork!), fueled by a PB&J Larabar (the best flavor!). After my run, I had my usual post-run bowl of[...]

Source: - 23/01/2020
Health Made Simple for Athletes, Day 11

Another day, another morning run! Thursday — day 11 on the Health Made Simple meal plan — started with a 4-mile easy-pace run. But first, I fueled[...]

Source: - 23/01/2020
Health Made Simple for Athletes, Days 12-13

Friday morning on Health Made Simple started with my usual bootcamp workout at my downtown gym. I fueled with a coconut Larabar and then had a banana[...]

Source: - 23/01/2020
No Meat Meet-Up Vegan Potluck #4

I'm interrupting my usual Health Made Simple meal plan recap for a post about this Sunday's amazing No Meat Meet-Up Vegan Potluck at Crosstown Arts! It was Day[...]

Source: - 23/01/2020
Health Made Simple for Athletes, Days 15-16

Our offices at Crosstown Arts were closed for MLK Day on Monday, so I slept in (Mondays are also workout rest days for me) and made pancakes!! These Whole[...]

Source: - 23/01/2020
Pumpkin Chocolate Cake

I rarely post a chocolate recipe in my blog lately ^^. Well, not that I stop loving it, but I made a load of brownie almost every week (my brother loves to eat[...]

Source: - 17/01/2020
Health Made Simple for Athletes, Day 3

Wednesday was my third day on the No Meat Athlete Health Made Simple Athlete plan , a whole foods-based meal plan with very few processed foods and limited[...]

Source: - 16/01/2020
Health Made Simple for Athlete's, Day 4

On Thursday morning, I slept past my alarm again!! I don't know what is happening, but clearly, my iPhone alarm isn't loud enough to wake me anymore. I've been[...]

Source: - 16/01/2020
Health Made Simple for Athletes, Days 5-7

Friday was my fifth day on the whole food, plant-based Health Made Simple meal plan from No Meat Athlete. Friday morning started with bootcamp at my gym, so I[...]

Source: - 16/01/2020
Health Made Simple for Athlete's, Day 8

Monday was the start of my second week on the 4-week Health Made Simple plan from No Meat Athlete! According to this whole foods, plant-based meal plan, I was[...]

Source: - 16/01/2020
Health Made Simple for Athlete's, Day 9

Tuesday started with a Simple Truth apple cinnamon date bar and a 5-mile run, and I felt so strong and fast! All this healthy eating seems to be paying off on[...]

Source: - 16/01/2020
Cranberry Shortbread

I didn't update anything for almost 10 days ^^" Well, as I told you before that I'm always busy at the end and the start of every month and New year is not[...]

Source: - 10/01/2020
Random Meal Round-Up!

On January 6, I'm starting another round of Health Made Simple, the whole food, plant-based meal plan from No Meat Athlete. So I wanted to unload a bunch of[...]

Source: - 09/01/2020
New Year's Day 2020 Eats!

Happy New Year! We celebrated the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 with two parties. The first was a house party at our friend Melissa & Anthony's house.[...]

Source: - 09/01/2020
Doughnuts! Reubens! Tofu Eggs!

Today, I started the No Meat Athlete Health Made Simple Athlete's Plan. It's a whole food, plant-based meal plan that's low on oil and low on processed foods.[...]

Source: - 09/01/2020
Health Made Simple Athlete Plan, Day 1

A couple years ago, I did an 8-week Health Made Simple Challenge through No Meat Athlete . It was a structured program with weekly video check-ins and an[...]

Source: - 09/01/2020
Health Made Simple for Athletes, Day 2

Tuesday was my second day on Health Made Simple , a four-week whole food, plant-based meal plan from No Meat Athlete. I'd planned a five-mile run first thing[...]

Source: - 09/01/2020
Bao Zai Fan

Tomorrow is New Year, I think everybody is busy with a lot of party right? But for me, as I work at home, so every day for me is the same, haha, plus I don't[...]

Source: - 03/01/2020
Vegan Cheeseball! Tofu Toast!

Does anyone else feel like they're living on a steady diet of chex mix, cookies, and processed vegan junk food right now? I haven't had a green veggie in days![...]

Source: - 02/01/2020
Crumble cookies

Merry Christmas!!!!!! Wish you happy every day! For me, I still find my happiness in the kitchen, haha. Making, taking a photo and posting it to share with you[...]

Source: - 27/12/2019
Review — Going Vegan: Your Daily Planner

I'm a planner. Like a diehard, write-everything-down, check-off-the-boxes, freak-out-if-things-aren't-going-exactly-as-planned planner. If I were a Saved By[...]

Source: - 26/12/2019
Tacos! Mexican Pizzas! Ethiopian Food!

Happy Xmas Eve! Before I head to my parents' house to celebrate, I wanted to unload a few random food pics, so here's a little "stuff I ate" international food[...]

Source: - 26/12/2019
2019 Christmas Recap!

Our family holiday celebration started on Monday, Dec. 23 with our annual gathering at me-maw's. Every year, my mom's side of the family meets at my me-maw's[...]

Source: - 26/12/2019
Kek Lapis Pandan Cadbury

It has been quite a while not showing off my Kek Lapis (Sarawak Layered Cake)... Today I just baked one... which am preparing for our family away day this week[...]

Source: - 20/12/2019
Caramel Mousse

Well, at this time of the year, many of you may think about a special menu for Christmas and New year's party. So this time, I think it's a cute menu that's[...]

Source: - 20/12/2019
Dried Fruit Tarts

I made a lot of Macerated Dried Fruit Mix as I knew that there are many things that I want to do with it. Well, many of you asked me about Macerated Dried[...]

Source: - 20/12/2019
Vegan Sandwiches at Curb Market Deli!

The Curb Market , the grocery store inside Crosstown Concourse, just opened a new deli, and they have TWO vegan sandwiches! The Curb is a small grocery with a[...]

Source: - 19/12/2019
No Meat Meetup Potluck #3

We had the third No Meat Meetup Vegan Potluck at the cafe at Crosstown Arts last night. This monthly potluck is a way to activate the cafe space, which is[...]

Source: - 19/12/2019
Review: Vegan Mac & Cheese

Way back in 2004 when I went vegan, I remember having the depressing thought, "I guess this means I can't have mac and cheese anymore." It was one of my[...]

Source: - 19/12/2019
Ice Cream! Hand Pies! Tofu Quiche!

Looking back in my old Stuff I Ate files, I realized I had a few old Nashville food pics I forgot to share! Like this amazing cone from Koko's Creamery ,[...]

Source: - 19/12/2019
Doughnuts! Holiday Drinks!

Y'all, I love my job. Yesterday, we did a staff coloring workshop with Vegan Doughnuts (!!!!) made by co-worker Lily and spike-your-own Vegan Hot Cocoa . I[...]

Source: - 12/12/2019
Fukui Food Culture Festival 2019

Last week, I had been invited to the Fukui Food Culture Festival in Thailand that held at The Okura Hotel on 21th of November 2019. Well, I love to travel to[...]

Source: - 06/12/2019
Bread Baking Class by Tomohiro Nogami

Last week I attended a bread baking class that really suitable for the people who want to open their own bakery. Don't get me wrong, ^^, I'm still happy with[...]

Source: - 06/12/2019
Thanksgiving 2019 Recap!

I'm back after a very long and relaxing holiday weekend! I hope y'all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I certainly did. Because I LOVE to eat (especially when my[...]

Source: - 05/12/2019
15th Years Vegan!

Every year, I celebrate my veganaversary on Black Friday since I went vegan the day after Thanksgiving in 2004 (and I went vegetarian the day after[...]

Source: - 05/12/2019
Cinnamon Roll! GGB Bowl! Salads!

Let's start with the sweet stuff. I scored this awesome Cinnamon Roll from LuLu's at the CY Farmer's Market a couple Saturdays ago. Enjoyed after a muddy[...]

Source: - 05/12/2019
Green tea bread with sweet bean paste

One of my favorite sweet is something with sweetened red bean paste, or you can say that I love eating beans, haha. Making sweetened red bean paste by yourself[...]

Source: - 29/11/2019
Sandwiches! Sweet Potatoes! Overnight Oats!

I had some leftover Miyoko's Creamery Mozzarella that needed using, and I picked up some Meatless Meatballs at Trader Joe's, so you know what that means![...]

Source: - 28/11/2019
A Tribute to My Granny

My Granny – Abbie Ruth Phillips — passed away on Sunday, November 24, 2019. Since she played such a huge role in my cookbook, Cookin' Crunk , and[...]

Source: - 28/11/2019
Vegan Friendsgiving Potluck!

Every year (for as far back as I can remember) during my time in Memphis, my friend Vaughan has hosted a vegan Thanksgiving event. Way back in the day, he'd[...]

Source: - 28/11/2019
生チョコ: Nama choco (Darkest version)

There are many recipes for 生チョコ (Nama choco), and I can't help but try many recipes as much as I can, hehe. The ratio of cream to chocolate or a different[...]

Source: - 21/11/2019
Milk bread

I think making bread is very good when you have stress, haha, as you can knead the dough as much as you want. The first time that I made bread (it's a very[...]

Source: - 21/11/2019
White Bean and Yogurt Bundt Cake

Don't you know that you can also use canned U.S. White Beans as an ingredient in a cake? Not only that you will use less butter in the recipe (that means your[...]

Source: - 21/11/2019
The Vegan Spiralizer Cookbook

My internet friend Barb of That Was Vegan? has a new cookbook! Y'all, this woman is ON FIRE. She's put out two cookbooks in less than a year. It took me five[...]

Source: - 21/11/2019
Vegan Brunch at Memphis Rox!

This past Sunday, Juice Almighty , the juice bar inside Memphis Rox Climbing Gym , hosted vegan brunch! It was their first time offering vegan brunch, but they[...]

Source: - 21/11/2019
Cookies and Doughnuts and Pizza!

I should preface this post with a note that I am still totally rocking 80/20 Plants, the food philosophy that encourages 80% whole foods and 20% indulgent[...]

Source: - 21/11/2019
Soup Season! Plus, Trader Joe's Treasures!

A few weeks back, my friend Nichelle hosted a vegan soup swap, and we all went home with seven different soups, all packed up and ready for the deep freezer.[...]

Source: - 21/11/2019
Chocolate Banana Cake

How many banana cake recipes that you need in one life? Well, If you ask me I don't know, haha. As it's my family's favorite, I make them so many times, and I[...]

Source: - 15/11/2019
Vegan Stuff I Ate in Nashville/Franklin

I spent part of my weekend in Nashville visiting Paul, who goes back and forth between Memphis and Nashville for work. He comes home often, but I rarely go[...]

Source: - 14/11/2019
LuLu's Sunday Brunch at Crosstown Arts

As I sadly mentioned here on the blog a few months ago, the vegan-friendly cafe at Crosstown Arts stopped serving lunch and dinner, moving more to a coffee[...]

Source: - 14/11/2019
Review: Lonely Planet's The Vegan Travel[...]

I don't get out much. I rarely travel anywhere further than a few hours' drive from Memphis. Paid-for work trips are about the only times I fly anywhere. Paul[...]

Source: - 14/11/2019
Lemon Honey Agar

Sweet and tangy, this cool dessert is what you need something to freshen you up. Because most of my work has to be done before the middle of each month, I'm[...]

Source: - 08/11/2019

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