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Pistachio, White chocolate blondies

Maybe you can call this blondie "Christmas Blondie", as it has all the color that we see at Christmas time. White, green, and red, so lovely and so festive![...]

Source: - 20/09/2019
Fueling for a Trail Race on 80/20 Plants

Yesterday (Sunday) was supposed to be the day I ran my first 50K, the Nesbit Park Trails Classic in Bartlett on the Stanky Creek Trails (my favorite local[...]

Source: - 19/09/2019
The Last Meals at the Cafe at Crosstown Arts

Sadly, the plant-based cafe at Crosstown Arts (the nonprofit arts organization where I work in communications) stopped serving lunch and dinner last week. It's[...]

Source: - 19/09/2019
Vegan Mac + Fried Tofu + WFPB Breakfast!

Here are a few meals I've been eating lately! As you may know, I'm doing 80/20 Plants (a whole food, plant-based program that encourages you to eat at least[...]

Source: - 19/09/2019
Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Scallops are so easy, made with just two ingredients! Elegant enough to impress guests yet easy enough to make any weeknight for your[...]

Source: - 19/09/2019
Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas (Mexican Pulled Pork)

Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas or Mexican Pulled Pork is the best Mexican pork recipe whether you stuff it into a tortilla, taco shell or turn it into a burrito[...]

Source: - 17/09/2019
Mashed Cauliflower

Mashed Cauliflower is essentially a creamy cauliflower puree that makes a delicious low-carb or keto alternative to mashed potatoes. Mashed Cauliflower If[...]

Source: - 16/09/2019
Meal Plan (Sept 16-Sept 22)

A free 7-day flexible weight loss meal plan including breakfast, lunch and dinner and a shopping list. All recipes include calories and Weight Watchers[...]

Source: - 14/09/2019
Baked Oatmeal Recipe with Pears Bananas and[...]

Baked oatmeal is like having dessert for breakfast! Made with healthy ingredients—bananas, pears, oats, nuts and maple syrup, it will leave you satisfied all[...]

Source: - 13/09/2019
Butter & Cream cheese Cookies

I'm very busy lately, well, having something to do is not a bad thing, haha. But sometimes, my work consumes all of my energy, and that's what I hate. I want[...]

Source: - 12/09/2019
Orange roll cake

With a load of orange, this cake is very refreshing. But not only the taste, but this cake is also cute too. The outside of the cake is decorated with orange[...]

Source: - 12/09/2019
Spaghetti Cream salmon

Pasta is very easy to make, you don't need to prepare anything much ^^, and the cooking time is quite short too. I think that's the reason why I love to cook[...]

Source: - 12/09/2019
80/20 Plants Snack Week!

For the past week and a half, I've been easing into the 80/20 Plants program — a plant-based meal program that encourages you to eat 80% whole foods and[...]

Source: - 12/09/2019
Review: Daddy Burt Hemp Co. CBD Oil

I usually blog about vegan food, but lately, I've been throwing in some CBD product reviews too. Because CBD products are awesome (and if they're also vegan,[...]

Source: - 12/09/2019
80/20 Plants Lunch Week 1

For the past couple weeks, I've been following a test version of 80/20 Plants , a soon-to-be-released program designed to help people eat more whole food,[...]

Source: - 12/09/2019
Cookbook Review: Heavenly Vegan Dals and Curries

I love Indian food! In fact, long story, but it was Indian food (and an Indian family) that influenced me to go vegetarian as a 14-year-old in 1994. But I[...]

Source: - 12/09/2019
Baked Sweet Potato (How To Bake Sweet Potatoes)

Making a Baked Sweet Potato in the oven is so easy and comes out perfectly sweet and fluffy on the inside with this foolproof recipe. Baked Sweet Potato [...]

Source: - 10/09/2019
Honey Roasted Peanuts

I love this kind of peanut since I was a child. My aunt always bought it for me, it came in a round box with blue label ^^. But I just bought it again lately[...]

Source: - 06/09/2019
80/20 Plants Breakfast Week!

Sooooo I've joined another whole foods meal plan program! Every few months, I like to do a reset to get myself back on track. My goal is to eat more whole[...]

Source: - 05/09/2019
Labor Day Kayaking & Vegan Eats in Nashville!

This past Sunday, Paul arranged a kayaking trip down the Harpeth River, right outside Nashville. I made the drive over to Nashville Saturday morning with plans[...]

Source: - 05/09/2019
Stuff I Ate: Seitan Steak + Nut Tacos + More!

Some random meals I've had! Earlier this week, the cafe at Crosstown Arts made my favorite thing — Seitan Steak & Cheese ! They usually put this in a[...]

Source: - 05/09/2019
Rice cooker Zongzi: Sticky rice dumplings

Traditional Zongzi is wrapped in bamboo leaves and cooked by steaming or boiling, it's one of my favorite dishes since I was a child. My father always made it[...]

Source: - 30/08/2019
Brats, Bowls, and Breakfast Sandwiches!

Last night, I had plans to go to my usual Wednesday night yoga class, but then I just happened to be scrolling Instagram and saw Imagine Vegan Cafe' s special[...]

Source: - 29/08/2019
Noochylicious Vegan Cheeseburger Mac Hamburger[...]

Do you ever hear someone talk about a meal and think, man, I want to make that too? That happened to me last weekend when I was visiting my best friend[...]

Source: - 29/08/2019
Breakfast Sandwiches & Doughnuts!!

My friends at Lulu's Baked took a few weeks off selling their amazing treats at the farmers markets while they moved to a new prep space. And I was having[...]

Source: - 29/08/2019
Impossible Burgers! Jamaican Chickpeas! & More!

I finally got a chance to try the Impossible Burger at Next Door American Eatery in Crosstown Concourse (the building where I work). This is the second[...]

Source: - 29/08/2019
Falafel: Delicious family party food

As my sister (and her family) will come back from the UK this month, so every year August is our family reunion time. And the activity that we do most is[...]

Source: - 22/08/2019
Apple Rose Muffins

Rose muffin, that doesn't contain rose, hehe. As the rose that I talk about is the apple rose, that's made from cooked apple slices. Just placing it over these[...]

Source: - 22/08/2019
Sugar cookies: Simple sweet cookies

Sugar, butter, flour, and egg yolks, you can imagine how delicious this cookie is, ^^. If you love rich, sweet and retro style cookies, I think you will love[...]

Source: - 22/08/2019
The Last Pig

Last Thursday, our local pig sanctuary — Pigtopia — hosted a screening of The Last Pig , a documentary that follows one pig farmer's journey to[...]

Source: - 22/08/2019
VegReady Vegan Meals

Home-cooked meals are always my preference, but sometimes, life gets crazy and days will go by with no time to cook anything more than a frozen veggie burger[...]

Source: - 22/08/2019
BURGERS (and a sandwich)

Y'all, I FINALLY tried the Burger King Impossible Whopper this past weekend, and IT WAS AMAZING. For a moment, I was worried they'd accidentally given me a[...]

Source: - 22/08/2019
Protein Toppers!

Those who have been reading my blog for awhile probably remember my past obsession with protein powder. I used to have a protein smoothie or protein waffle[...]

Source: - 22/08/2019
Celebrating Sheridan's Birthday (AGAIN!) in[...]

My BFF Sheridan had a birthday on August 8th, and we celebrated in late July when she and her partner Drew were visiting Memphis to see Hamilton at The[...]

Source: - 22/08/2019
Fruity Yogurt Cake ( Kek Yogurt Buah )

I made something nice yesterday and so happened I have little spare time today plus am in the right mood for blogging. UsuRaz has been nagging me for this cake[...]

Source: - 09/08/2019
Black Forest Cake Box

Soft and creamy with the intoxicating fragrance of Kirsh and bitterness from chocolate, black forest cake is very addictive. But this time, it went to the top[...]

Source: - 09/08/2019
Jam filled cookies

Simple and easy to make jam-filled cookies, that doesn't contain the dairy product. As I told you that, my family members aren't allergic to anything, but[...]

Source: - 09/08/2019
Breakfast Tacos! Vegan Chili Bowls!

I've had some BE-Hive seitan chorizo (made in Nashville) in my deep freezer forever that I was hoarding for the right moment. And that moment came last week[...]

Source: - 08/08/2019
Canoe Trip Eats! Mabon Stew! & More!

On Sunday, Paul and I, along with our friends Misti and Kevin, went on an 8-mile canoe trip down the Wolf River (including the beautiful, cypress-filled Ghost[...]

Source: - 08/08/2019
Vegan Skincare Review: Pai

My skincare routine has never really been super-consistent. I typically get facial products, like serums and face oils, in my monthly Goddess Provisions[...]

Source: - 08/08/2019
Cookbook Review: Epic Vegan

My internet friend Dustin Harder — aka The Vegan Roadie — has a new cookbook, and IT. IS. EPIC. Literally!! Epic Vegan: Wild & Over-the-Top[...]

Source: - 08/08/2019
Jam Tart Scones

Tart? Scone? Well, it's up to you, so call it the way you want, haha. The first time that you look at it, I think you may want to call it tart, but the base is[...]

Source: - 02/08/2019
Apple cake: this recipe is for you!

I made this cake when my friend came to visit me about 3 months ago. Because I love it, so I wanted her to try it too, soft, moist with lovely apple fragrance,[...]

Source: - 02/08/2019
Vegan Dad Bakery

I know its been pretty silent on this page for a while, but that's because I have been busy with a small side project--the Vegan Dad Bakery! It's not a real[...]

Source: - 01/08/2019
Masala Burger! Tofu Cottage Cheese! And More!

This past Tuesday night, my friend Pam let me be her date to see Hamilton at the Orpheum!!! OMG y'all, IT WAS SO GOOD. Seriously lived up to all hype. I can't[...]

Source: - 01/08/2019
My Best Friend's Birthday Fun!

My BFF (since 7th grade y'all!!) Sheridan and her partner Drew came to Memphis on Saturday to see Hamilton at the Orpheum, and since Sher's birthday is coming[...]

Source: - 01/08/2019
Vegan Sleep Vitamins!

I used to be a GREAT sleeper. I could sleep through a tornado. Heck, I actually did sleep through a hurricane once. Technically, it was a wind storm (we don't[...]

Source: - 01/08/2019
Bluff City Vegan Eats: Railgarten

When Railgarten — an outdoor/indoor bar and recreation center — opened a couple years ago, they were not very vegan-friendly ("Duck Fat Fries" was[...]

Source: - 01/08/2019
Chocolate icebox cookies

A basic cookie that is easy to make and enjoy ^^. My family loves to eat cookies, and I always have some of them in a jar on my kitchen counter, for me it's[...]

Source: - 26/07/2019
Artichoke Burgers by Foodies

I love a good plant-based meat burger, like Beyond or Impossible. But now that I'm trying to focus on whole foods most of the time, I'd rather save those for[...]

Source: - 25/07/2019
New Vegan Burger at Farm Burger Memphis!

Farm Burger at Crosstown Concourse in Memphis has added a new handmade vegan burger to their menu! My office at Crosstown Arts is just upstairs from Farm[...]

Source: - 25/07/2019
Lulu's Summer Grill-Out Pop-up!

This past Sunday, our friends at Lulu's Memphis hosted a pop-up featuring fresh-grilled, hand-crafted blackeyed pea burgers and carrot dogs at the Memphis Made[...]

Source: - 25/07/2019
Ethiopian Lentils! Spinach Fettucine! Brioche!

Last week, I met a friend for dinner at Blue Nile — the best Ethiopian joint in town! I usually get their Vegetarian Platter because it has a little of[...]

Source: - 25/07/2019
Choux cream Muffins

You can shape or cook choux pastry in many ways, it's a very versatile pastry that you can play with it. This time, by piping it in lightly buttered pans, you[...]

Source: - 19/07/2019
Coffee Marble Chiffon Cake

Chiffon cake is a very simple cake. Many people love this cake because of its softness, and light in texture. No need for complex techniques or hard to find[...]

Source: - 19/07/2019
Tofu Rare cheesecake

I ate tofu cheesecake the first time when I went to tofu shop at Nagatoro, and it's so delicious. From that time, I wanted to make it too. Actually, it's very[...]

Source: - 19/07/2019
Grilled Tofu Wrap! Brown Rice Pudding! And More!

Yesterday, the cafe at Crosstown Arts was serving a Grilled Tofu Wrap with pickled okra, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Any time they do grilled tofu, I'm all in!![...]

Source: - 18/07/2019
Bread! Tofu! More Bread!

I went to the Cooper-Young Farmers Market last Saturday with the intention of picking up a Lulu's Baked black-eyed pea & sausage biscuit cause they're[...]

Source: - 18/07/2019
Food My Parents Made Me!

Last weekend was one of those weekends with only a few plans, so I decided it'd be fun to visit my parents in Arkansas. They didn't have Saturday night plans[...]

Source: - 18/07/2019
Oh Snap!

Call me cliche, but I love a good pickle — pickled cucumbers, pickled okra, pickled beets, pickled just about anything! Pickles are a go-to snack when[...]

Source: - 18/07/2019
Oreo Cheesecake cookies: cheesecake in cookie[...]

If you love eating Oreo cheesecake, I think that you will love this cookie too. Well, you know that I love Oreo, haha, and I can't stop eating it. Because the[...]

Source: - 12/07/2019
Chocolate Cherry Cakes

Soft and moist chocolate butter cake, with a load of chocolate ganache, cherry, and lovely Kirsh's fragrance. Well, I found a bottle of dark cherry in the[...]

Source: - 12/07/2019
Fourth of July with Greg!

Long-time Vegan Crunk readers may remember my best friend Greg. He and I were inseparable when he lived in Memphis, and I'm sure I'm blogged about him (and[...]

Source: - 11/07/2019
Fun & Food with Greg!

Yesterday, I blogged about how my bestie Greg was in town from Kentucky for the July 4 weekend. You can read about our grill-out and downtown fireworks[...]

Source: - 11/07/2019
Wholly Rollies Protein Balls

I'm always looking for new whole foods-based pre-workout snacks. I was on a Larabar kick for months, and I still love them, but I've had all the flavors so[...]

Source: - 11/07/2019
Stromboli: Ham and cheese filled bread

Bread filled with ham and load of cheese, it's a kind of bread that my family really love. Salty and rich with umami (from cheese and black olive), eating with[...]

Source: - 05/07/2019
Chef Pancho's Vegan Plate at Global Café

I finally got a chance to stop into Global Café to try the new Venezuelan chef's vegan plate! Chef Pancho started working at Global Café , the international[...]

Source: - 04/07/2019
15th Anniversary with Paul!

Paul and I celebrated 15 years together this weekend! Our actual anniversary is June 28, but Paul works in Nashville and couldn't be home until Saturday, the[...]

Source: - 04/07/2019
Hummus Bowl! Yogurt Bowl! BBQ Jackfruit!

We had our monthly Memphis Vegan Drinks meetup at Midtown Crossing Grill last week. They've got a new menu with some new vegan options, including the most[...]

Source: - 04/07/2019
Vegan Jerk Chicken! Black Bean Bowl! Avo Toast!

Last Saturday, I went on a long bike ride that took me all over town. I started with a trip to the Cooper-Young Farmers Market, where I picked up one of Lulu's[...]

Source: - 04/07/2019
Yogurt Pan Biscuits

I know that this recipe is too easy, haha. But we need this kind of recipe to make our life happy, right? You don't have to do anything much, just put the[...]

Source: - 28/06/2019
Camping Food from Bonnaroo 2019

Last night, I posted about all the amazing vegan festival foods that I purchased at Bonnaroo Music Fest last weekend. Bonnaroo has long been a super-vegan[...]

Source: - 27/06/2019
Nepalese Food, Cobbler & Bagels!

Global Café , an international food hall in Crosstown Concourse (the building where I work), hosts three chefs from different countries, and one of those chefs[...]

Source: - 27/06/2019
Lentils & Beans & Burgers!

I've been on an Indian food kick lately. I CANNOT. GET. ENOUGH. LENTILS. Y'ALL. Here's a quick Lentil & Rice Bowl I made with canned lentils (they're[...]

Source: - 27/06/2019
Fresh Breads! Breakfast Tofu!

Last weekend, I finally made it downtown to the Memphis Farmers Market. First time this year! I used to ONLY go to this market cause it's the biggest with the[...]

Source: - 27/06/2019
Chocolate Cheese Cupcake

I have leftover cream cheese after making cheesecake, and I have to think about the best way to use it. Because there are many times that I have to throw it[...]

Source: - 21/06/2019
Rice cooker Bacon Cheese Risotto

You may think that you need Italian short grain rice to make risotto, but the fact is you can use other kinds of rice too. Anyway, I didn't talk about the[...]

Source: - 21/06/2019
Save the Oceans with Sparkling Water!

June is World Ocean Month, so the folks at FOUND Beverage reached out to ask if I would feature their new 100K Initiative to benefit Oceana , an advocacy group[...]

Source: - 20/06/2019
Vegan Food at Bonnaroo 2019

Paul and I attended our 9th annual Bonnaroo Music & Arts Fest last weekend (it was the 18th annual Bonnaroo but our 9th year going). Since we started going[...]

Source: - 20/06/2019
Caramel custard in one pan

Caramel custard is one of my favorite desserts, soft and sweet, with a bit of bitterness from caramel, I think that many people love it too. You can make it in[...]

Source: - 14/06/2019
Pineapple Cookies

Cookie or pie, well, you can call it the way you want. A small crumbly cookie that filled with a load of pineapple filling. By making the filling by yourself,[...]

Source: - 14/06/2019
Brioche Bagels

I recently saw brioche bagels at the grocery store and, quite frankly, they looked terrible. I was pretty sure I could make a vegan version that was so much[...]

Source: - 13/06/2019
Fried Tofu! Pizza! Aloo Gobi!

My friend Susan and I went to Pho Binh for lunch today. Best tofu buffet in town (and under $10!). The lemongrass tofu (on the left of my plate) is INCREDIBLE.[...]

Source: - 13/06/2019
Race Recap: Beer & Bagel Off-Road Series in[...]

I know this is a food blog, but for me, running and food are SO interrelated. So much of what I eat is either for pre-run fuel or post-run recovery. But the[...]

Source: - 13/06/2019
Hummus & Doughnuts & Pizza!

One a few weeks ago, I brought a salad to work for lunch, but it just didn't feel like enough food for a proper lunch. So I ordered the Three Bean Hummus[...]

Source: - 13/06/2019
Coffee spritz cookies

My life's just getting back on track this week, haha. Well, there are so many things that we have to do (esp. work), and I think that I'm lucky enough to have[...]

Source: - 07/06/2019
New Dole Vegan Bountiful Salad Kits!

Confession: I love bagged salad. I know it's more economical (and more zero waste) to opt for whole heads of lettuce, but there are few kitchen tasks I hate[...]

Source: - 06/06/2019
New Vegan Menu Items at Brother Juniper's

Brother Juniper's is a Memphis institution. This brunch spot is so well-loved that people expect to wait 45 minutes to an hour for a table. On weekends,[...]

Source: - 06/06/2019
New Vegan Options at Midtown Crossing!

New vegan options are popping up at Memphis restaurants all over the city these days! Just yesterday, I blogged about the new vegan scrambles at Brother[...]

Source: - 06/06/2019
Giveaway: The Complete Vegan Instant Pot[...]

My long-time blogger friend Barb Musick — of That Was Vegan blog fame — has a new cookbook out! And I am so proud of her! The Complete Vegan[...]

Source: - 06/06/2019
Bread & Viennoiseries class with chef Sebastien[...]

I don't think that we can stop learning, and learning something new is what I love^^. It's my third times at PBA World (P: Pâtisserie, B: Boulangerie A: Arts)[...]

Source: - 31/05/2019
Maple, Pecan Biscuits

I'm a bit busy lately, well, I still have to work so I can pay for my manga, blue-ray, and etc. haha. But I'm lucky that I still have my favorite hobby, yes,[...]

Source: - 31/05/2019

CORNFLAKES COOKIES INGREDIENTS : 1 cup caster sugar (130g) 3 cups flour (320g) 10 oz margarine (288g) 2 egg yolks 1 box of Cornflakes 1 teaspoon vanilla[...]

Source: - 30/05/2019

MAMA CARRIES Source : Noni Ingredients : 300 g butter 400 g flour (I took out 1/4 cup) 130 g cornflour 100 g icing sugar 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence Topping :[...]

Source: - 30/05/2019
Giveaway: Love & Lemons Every Day Cookbook

I've long been a fan of the Love & Lemons blog . If you want to drool over gorgeously styled photos of whole foods-based vegetarian dishes, this is place![...]

Source: - 30/05/2019
Great American River Run Half Marathon +[...]

On Saturday, I ran my 7th half-marathon — the Great American River Run in downtown Memphis. This race has only been around for four years — it's[...]

Source: - 30/05/2019
Koko's Plant-Based Ice Cream!

After my half-marathon on Saturday, I hopped in the car and made the 3-hour drive to Nashville to spend Memorial Day weekend with my partner Paul, who lives[...]

Source: - 30/05/2019
Memorial Day Fun & Food!

After I ran the Great American River Run Half-Marathon on Saturday morning, I headed to Nashville to spend Memorial Day weekend with my partner Paul, who works[...]

Source: - 30/05/2019

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