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HLT Sammy, French Onion Stew, & More!

Every week day, I listen to the Plant-Based Morning Show podcast with hosts Matt and Doug (from the No Meat Athlete podcast, but this is their new one). And[...]

Source: - 16/03/2023
Takeout: Donut Burger, Strata, and Raw Toast

Here's a recap of some recent restaurant meals! A couple weeks back, Imagine Vegan Cafe posted on their IG that they were offering a Donut Burger special. They[...]

Source: - 16/03/2023
Race Recap: Little Rock Marathon 2023

I ran my seventh marathon on Sunday in Little Rock! It was my third time running the full 26.2 in this race, and it's always a favorite. Mostly because of[...]

Source: - 09/03/2023
Belated Valentine's Day Dinner

Paul and I couldn't go out on Valentine's Day this year because it fell on a Tuesday. He works late on Tuesdays, and I go to bed at 8 p.m. every night because[...]

Source: - 02/03/2023
Mardi Gras Meals!

Mardi Gras was last Tuesday, and I never let a Fat Tuesday go by without a celebration. I don't celebrate Lent or anything. But I love a party. And I love[...]

Source: - 02/03/2023

I thought of updating yesterday but I was too tired and call it a day. Yesterday morning, I heard the municiple worker, cutting the grass outside our house. I[...]

Source: - 19/01/2023
Belated Christmas at Native Brew Works

Last Christmas post, I swear. All of my Christmas plans were canceled due to a crazy winter storm that swept through the Mid-South and left our streets too icy[...]

Source: - 19/01/2023
Blue Zones Challenge!

We're mid-way through January now, and I'm just now getting around to telling y'all about my annual January challenge. Every year, I pick a different reset[...]

Source: - 19/01/2023

Hello everyone. I am back... hopefully to stay. This blog had been hibernating for more than 2 years! Gosh! How time flies. I didn't realise that I had been[...]

Source: - 12/01/2023
Pancakes & Sausage on a Stick! Plus, Stir-fry[...]

So we're solidly in January now, and I'm behind in posting my meals. Almost every January, I do some kind reset/cleanse/healthy eating thing, and this year,[...]

Source: - 12/01/2023
Cheesesteak Fries, Pan con Tomate, & N/A Beer

My favorite vegan food truck, Da Guilty Vegan , typically sets up shop in Cordova, a neighborhood about 20 minutes from my house. So I rarely get there. But[...]

Source: - 12/01/2023
Lulu's Sneak Peek, Surprise Salad, and[...]

My friends who run the Memphis vegan bakery Lulu's are opening a brick-and-mortar! Previously, they sold at the Cooper-Young Farmers Market, but later this[...]

Source: - 12/01/2023
Cookbook Review: Jazzy Vegetarian

I've long been a fan of Laura Theodore, aka the Jazzy Vegetarian. Her PBS show was among the earliest vegan cooking shows, and I love her smooth, jazzy voice.[...]

Source: - 05/01/2023
Christmas on New Year's!

Christmas was a little weird this year. The winter storm that swept much of the country hit the South, and we were iced in for much of Christmas weekend. By[...]

Source: - 05/01/2023
Cannelés bordelais: Surefire Classis Canelé[...]

Finally, I'm ready to share a Surefire Canelé Recipe with you. I first made this little cake about 10 years ago, well, at that time it was not easy to find[...]

Source: - 14/07/2022
Adventures with Sourdough!

Somehow, the pandemic sourdough trend passed me by. Maybe I was too busy watching Tiger King (Carole Baskin forever!). Man, weren't those the days? But after[...]

Source: - 14/07/2022
Pasta, Stir-fry, & a Summer Salad

Because I do my long runs every Saturday, I eat pasta every Friday night as my way to carb-load. Now, the science is still out on whether or not a pre-run[...]

Source: - 14/07/2022
Bluff City Vegan Eats: Black Lodge

Black Lodge is a Memphis treasure. It's part video rental store (likely the only one left in the city), part event space, and now part cafe. Just a few weeks[...]

Source: - 14/07/2022
A Chicken Sammy, a Summer Cooler, and Healthy[...]

Here's another edition of "stuff I ate" starting with this Boca Chicken Sandwich with Wicked Foods Bac-no-naise and pickles. Sure, there are better vegan[...]

Source: - 14/07/2022
Review: The Fiber Fueled Cookbook

I'll start with this: I LOVE DR. WILL B!! I read the plant-based gastroenterologist's first book, Fiber Fueled , when Paul started having gut issues in 2021. I[...]

Source: - 07/07/2022

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