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Mac, Burgers, Fritters, and More!

Oh hey, it's me again! I once again forgot to blog for a few weeks, but here I am! It's been a busy summer, but here are a few things I've been eating. This[...]

Source: - 13/06/2024

Sorry for the long break again! I think I'm going to just commit to blogging a couple times a week and see if that works. And hey, if you ever stop by here and[...]

Source: - 30/05/2024
Happy Mother's Day, Mama!

Sunday was Mother's Day, so I met up with my mom at Native Brew Works in Jonesboro for beer and taco bowls! Jonesboro is about halfway for both of us, and my[...]

Source: - 16/05/2024
Vegan Donuts + 5 miles = Bad Idea

I realized, since I've missed almost a month of posting in April, that I failed to update y'all on a crazy race I did. In mid-April, I signed up for the Donuts[...]

Source: - 16/05/2024
Vegan eats at a crawfish boil! And more!

A couple weeks ago, some friends from the Memphis Hash House Harriers hosted their annual crawfish boil, and you'd think there wouldn't be much there for me to[...]

Source: - 09/05/2024
U.S. Red Kidney Beans Bakpia

Bakpia is a small Chinese-influenced Indonesian sweet bun. It is made with a flaky Chinese-style puff pastry that is usually filled with mung bean paste. Right[...]

Source: - 29/06/2023
Indian Corn Pudding, Taco Tuesday, and Fancy[...]

I'm still catching up on posts of my random eats, so these are all foods I ate a long time ago! Like March! I made this Makai No Chevdo (aka Indian corn[...]

Source: - 29/06/2023
Not Chicken and Healthy Bowls

A while back, I was shopping at Sprouts when I noticed about half the products in the vegan meat section were on closeout sale. While this concerns me (does[...]

Source: - 29/06/2023
Carb Week: Grains! Bread!

As I mentioned in my last couple posts, I've been slowly adding carbs back in after doing Phil Maffetone's Two-Week Test with very low carbs. During those 12[...]

Source: - 22/06/2023
Father's Day Fun with Papa Crunk!

I went back home to Arkansas on Friday for an early Father's Day with my parents. First things first, I gave my dad his gifts (a Yeti beer coozie, a Busch beer[...]

Source: - 22/06/2023
Memphis Vegan Festival 2023

The annual Memphis Vegan Festival was Sunday in Fourth Bluff Park. Our vegan fest, organized by Memphis event planner Cynthia Daniels, isn’t your typical[...]

Source: - 22/06/2023

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