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Ayam Masak Merah Berkismis (Chicken in Raisin[...]

The tweak is adding raisins to the ordinary Masak Merah... quite nice but my family complaint it a bit sweet. Recipe in English will be provided if any[...]

Ayam Percik (Malay Traditional Creamy Grilled[...]

This Malay traditional dish is definitely irresistible..... although the creamy gravy is thought as high cholesterol, I think it is worth it once in a while.[...]

Chicken Green Rendang II (Rendang Ayam Hijau II)

This time I made a drier version than the first one and adding more spices which I felt will be more suitable for special occassion - my two boys and hubby[...]

Chicken Popcorns

Homemade Kentucky Chicken Popcorns for little Liana and also the two big brothers.... all are crazy for fried chicken which we had almost everyday or every[...]

Ayam Percik III (Malay Traditional Creamy[...]

This is a third version of Ayam Percik posted in my blog and this is inspired from a friend Hatta who cooked for us in the last Ramadhan. - very easy to[...]

Ayam Kriuk-Kriuk (Crispy Fried Chicken)

Tasty chicken coated with crispy crumbs..... This fried chicken is actually served as "Ayam Penyek" menu but I was short of all other ingredients namely[...]

BlackPepper Chicken & Mushroom

Sharing our simple dish for dinner.... wish my two boys are around as this is their favourite dish. This time I added some mushroom and it tastes really nice.[...]

Spicy Tomato Chicken (Ayam Berlada Sos Tomato)

Nice dish.... chicken bits spiced with black pepper complemented with tomato sauce.... By: [email protected] Serve 4 persons INGREDIENTS: 1 Chicken Breast -[...]

Chicken Murtabak II (Murtabak Ayam II)

Making murtabak is not difficult anymore for those who are worried about making the Roti Canai dough. It can easily be resolved by using ready made frozen[...]

Quick Mini Chicken Pies (New Toy!)

I have a new toy....!! It is another pie maker but this one is cute size and have eight holes! It came all the way from Dubai....! Thank-you so much lovely[...]

Mini Chicken Quiche

Another creation to toy with my new pie maker.... using the same chicken filling that I posted yesterday but turning into quiche instead..... By:[...]

Roasted Chicken Sandwich - Malay Style

I used leftover roasted chicken from dinner for our breakfast and it was awesome. I like my sandwich filling a bit spicy so here how I made it in a very Malay[...]

Chicken Soup

This is Malay style Chicken Soup but I always cook it less spicy than the typical ones because my family, especially my hubby, love to enjoy it by itself[...]

Baked Chicken and Tomato Bread for Lunch

This was our lunch in the last weekend when there was less appetite for rice.... My two boyz get thrilled for light lunch like this. By: [email protected] It[...]

Chicken Stew

All-in-one-pot dish..... something I created when idea came about while I was so exhausted after the long office hours. To my surprise everybody enjoyed it so[...]

Lemon Chicken

My children like Lemon Chicken & we used to take away from the club restaurant upon fetching them from karate class. This time I tried to make myself....[...]

Turmeric Basil Chicken (Ayam Masak Kunyit Daun[...]

Assalamualaikum to all muslim friends and wish you blessed Ramadhan. I may not be able to spend too much in blogwalking and updating the blog during Ramadhan[...]


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