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Prawn Noodle - Mee Kuah Udang

Masak mee ni pun dah lama juga..baru ni dapat upload...kita teringat lagi time kerja dulu..suka sangat makan prawn mee yang kat kedai kopi infront of Bugis[...]

Deep Fried Oyster Mushrooms II

Assalam, another recipe cendawan goreng yang kita adjust sedikit dari recipe yang lalu..pernah buat disini lama dah..this time, letak lebih sikit part[...]


Fried Oyster Omelette

Assalam, ...bersiaran dipetang Isnin ..disini dah start cuti sekolah pagi2 lagi pc dah kena booked dengan budak 2 ekor tu..heheh..maknya nak[...]

Spaghetti Seafood Marinara..again

It has been quite sometimes since I last cooked spaghetti bila, masak ni semalam, sampai tak kecukupan, itu pun I gunakan botol besar for this...macam[...]

Malaysian Style Kam Heong Crabs

Salam, holidays are here and the violent scene of snatching, pushing and shouting at the computer area are a normal thing in my[...]

Oyster Mushroom Omelette

First time I fried omelette using mushrooms, saw this in an old entertainment magazine, which has no cover.. tried it out and here it is...will do this often[...]

Mee Goreng Seafood

Salam, wah mana2 semuanya dah start mengukis ya...kasi kita jealousss nampak...kat sini orang2 disekeliling dah pressure kita, bila nak start[...]

Deep Fried Oyster Mushrooms

Side menu for iftar.. just to tambah2kan makanan on the table..dah lama tak buat ni...biasalah bulan puasa ni semuanya teringin nak makan..I used about 3[...]

Black Pepper Crabs

Hi, by the time I wrote post this, it was already a good 2am Saturday morning.. ..Mr Hubby still not back yet!..he's involved in the the coming big event that[...]

Spaghetti Seafood Marinara

Salam, hello there..I guessed, most of you guys are fasting right, insyaallah akan berpuasa seterusnya sampai habis bayar hutang sebelum 'bendera jepun[...]

Nasi Goreng Seafood

Dah lama rasanya tak goreng nasi...made this since I have lots of leftover rice ...I adjusted the below recipes to my taste by adding boiled mussels and[...]

Tomato Fish

Kids menu, not hot although the colour looks red!..recipe was taken from Kak Palatable , thank you kak for the simple yet nice recipe. Ingredients:- 500g fish[...]

Prawn Mee

Salam on this cool, quiet Friday night...just got the time to update today's entry as during the day, I was out for a while and coincidetally, Hasif friends[...]

Seafood Tom Yam Putih

TomYam Putih, again..this time I just changed the main ingredients to seafood..but somehow, have to put some beef in it..heheh..I guessed you know for who[...]

Kuey Teow Ladna Seafood

Couldnt update my blog yesterday cause was quite busy running here and there....went to Hasif school to purchase his next year books and uniforms..after that[...]


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