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Hi everyone...! Sorry for disappearing in the last few days and not answering questions or returning visit. I was so busy including travelling on business and[...]

Strawberry Pancakes

These are mini pancakes... purposely made them small and flavored with strawberry milk to please my little Liana. I packed them for her morning break in[...]

Cinnamon Bread Pudding

My baking mood is switched on while AngahRuz is home during CNY. There were some stale bread in the fridge so I turned them into bread pudding for breakfast[...]

Happy Chocolate Bread

This bread is certainly made me very happy for its look and most of all the eating sensation that it offers - light, soft and so chocolatey! The extra credits[...]

Play Dough for Liana

I had some expired flour which I misplaced and forgotten about. Idea came through to make play dough to give Liana some excitement in the weekend. Indeed it[...]

Wholemeal Heart-Shape Tuna Buns

I have not been making bread for quite some time and the Bread Maker has been packed in the store room too long - time to get it working again. I always[...]

Pineapple Pancakes (Penkek Nenas)

The first time I tasted Pineapple Pancake was in Amsterdam during my Europe tour recently - see here . It tasted really nice that I decided to try to make it[...]

Savoury Bread Pudding (Bingka Roti Lapis Ayam)

I have a lot of leftover bread and kids wanted their favourite Apple Bread Pudding whilst I was thinking about something savoury. This time the mommy made the[...]

Magic Pocket Bread (Roti Poket)

Can you imagine having pocket bread without the trouble of dough kneading and avoid all the mess in the kitchen? Here is the magic way..... Credit to UsuRaz[...]

Wholemeal Bread II

Here is another version of wholemeal bread and this one uses tangzhong or water roux as bread softener. The bread is soft but with so much claim about the[...]

Cinnamon Sticky Buns

I was in a mood to make bread again after such a long time ago. This Cinnamon Sticky Buns has been tingling in my brain calling for action since I saw it in[...]

Cheesy Garlic Bread

There was leftover dough from pizza making last night & I baked it into a small loaf of french bread & turned it into Cheesy Garlic Bread this[...]

Marble Shortbread II

My second homemade cookies.... The first shortbread version I made uses almond powder and I wanted to make another version without it and found this one. I[...]


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