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Fried Pressed Rice (Nasi Himpit Goreng)

There was some leftover pressed rice that I cooked a couple of days ago in the fridge. Since dinner was only for two of us, me & my son, I decided to have[...]

Lempeng Pulut Panggang (Grilled Glutinous Rice)

Not sure whether anyone seen this before but I had not until I actually made it last weekend.... I created this to finish off the leftover Saffron Glutinous[...]


Saffron Glutinous Rice (Pulut Saffron)

My friend JL who worked in Iran gave me boxes of high quality saffron which added to our special rice cooked for the recent Idh. I still have a small box[...]

Pressed Rice w Chicken Peanut Sauce II (Nasi[...]

Made hubby's favourite for breakfast today..... emmmhhhh delicious! By: [email protected] Serves 5-6 persons INGREDIENTS: 1 piece Chicken Breast - chopped to[...]

Lempeng Nasi (Rice Pancake)

Bangun pepagi Along buat kari ayam, berangan nak makan dengan Lempeng Nasi yg Along nampak kat dapur Hana - nampak Hana punya cantik jer, kita pun bayangkan[...]

Multigrain Rice Porridge (Bubur Organik)

Hi there..... am still very busy and taking little bit of time to relax in the week-end after a whole week of hard work in the office - worked throughout[...]

Steamed Yellow Rice (Nasi Kuning Kukus)

Hi everyone.... sorry been missing for almost a week. Life has been very hectic at office and home. Even week-end gave no chance to do anything fancy in the[...]

Nasi Goreng Dabai (Dabai Fried Rice)

Dabai Fried Rice is very famous in Sarawak because Dabai fruit mostly found in Sarawak but very rare or none in other states of Malaysia. Dabai fruits usually[...]

Nasi Goreng Batu Kurau (Fried Rice)

Friday night is always a lazy night for me... probably after whole week squeezing my brain in the office, mind and body were exhausted by then. When body is[...]

Spiced Chicken Rice (Nasi Ayam Harum Rempah)

For a change I made my chicken rice a spicy version this time.... Actually I made this version before... tasted very good & complimented by the whole[...]

Baked Cheesy Rice

My hubby went out for dinner leaving me and the kids, so I could skip cooking proper rice and dishes which delighted the kids when I suggested for Baked[...]

Pulut Panggang (Grilled Glutinous Rice Roll)

Made this Pulut Panggang in order to clear my glutinous rice stock. I used frozen Serunding Udang Geragau that I made quite sometime ago here as filling. If[...]

Spicy Tomato Rice (Nasi Tomato Berempah)

This was my yesterday's menu for breaking-off fast. The Spicy Tomato Rice was served with Spicy Tomato Chicken and simple tomato salad. It was unplanned for[...]

Glutinous Rice with Serunding (Pulut Kukus &[...]

I made steamed glutinous rice, imitating the colour of Bunga Telang (edible blue flowers) to compliment the serunding I posted yesterday here . I'm sharing[...]

Green Fried Rice

I'm clearing all past entries that I didn't manage to post earlier on.... This fried rice is my whole family's favourite and was a good solution when[...]


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