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Lamb - With greens

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Herb and Spice Brine Leg of Lamb Recipe

1 4lb. semi-boneless leg of lamb 1/4 c. kosher salt 1/4. c. brown sugar 1/4. c. granulated sugar 1/2 c. marsala 6 garlic cloves, pressed or mashed 2 stalks[...]

Lamb Sausage and Spinach Lasagna with Feta and[...]

For the Red Sauce: 3 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil 2 garlic cloves, peeled and minced 1 28-oz. can peeled whole san marzano tomatoes, with juice kosher salt[...]


Braised Bone-In Veal Breast with Tomatoes &[...]

4 slices of veal breast or tough cut of steak, bone in 3 tomatoes , sliced 4-5 garlic cloves, rough chop small handful of herbs (we use rosemary & thyme)[...]

Lamb Tagine with Tomatoes and Roasted Eggplant[...]

2 large eggplant (about 1 pound each) Course salt (kosher or sea) Good olive oil 2 pounds boneless lamb leg or shoulder, trimmed of fat and cut in 1 1/2 inch[...]

Lamb Curry Recipe

2 T fennel seeds 2 T cumin seeds 2 T coriander seeds 1/2 T fenugreek seeds 1/2 T black peppercorns 1 clove 1/2 cinnamon stick 2 cardamom pods 2 inches fresh[...]

Lamb Meatball and Fava Bean Tagine / Morocco[...]

THE MEATBALLS (Kefta) 2 lbs ground lamb 1/3 c flat leaf parsley , chopped 2 Tbs cilantro (fresh coriander) chopped 1 tsp ground cumin 1 Tbs +1 tsp sweet[...]

Iranian Lamb Stew Recipe

2 lbs lamb meat for stewing 12 oz eggplant 1 tbs flour 4 tbs cooking oil 2 large onions , chopped 4 large tomatoes , quartered 1 tbs tomato paste 1/3 tsp[...]

Lamb Burger Patties Recipe

2 pounds ground American Lamb 8 ounces tomato sauce 1/2 cup rolled oats 1/2 cup finely chopped onion 1 teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon salt 3 tablespoons chopped[...]

Lamb Cheeseburger Roulade Recipe

Ingredients 2 tablespoons of Grapeseed Oil 1 pound of ground Lanb 1 Roma Tomato , diced 1 clove Garlic , chopped 1 tablespoon chopped fresh Parsley ½ tsp of[...]

couscous crusted lamb finger's with red[...]

minced lamb meat, couscous, cherry tomato its in the link

Barbecued lamb patties with tzatziki Recipe

olive oil 1 large onion , chopped 3 garlic cloves, crushed 600 gm minced lamb plain yoghurt ½ tbsp chilli paste 2 tbsp chopped fresh coriander ½ tbsp paprika[...]

Hoisin Barbeque lamb chops Recipe

Lamb chops 180gr Cucumber spaghetti 50gr Onion julienne 25gr Tomatoes julienne 20gr Red Cabbage 1 pace 10gr Parsley Leaves 3gr French fries 50gr cook gril[...]

Leg of Lamb with Moroccan Seasonings Recipe

2 boneless leg of lamb roasts (about 10 pounds) 1 stick softened butter 10 cloves garlic , peeled and finely chopped 1 Tbsp ground cumin 2 Tsp paprika 1 Tsp[...]

Keema Meat- Lamb Curry with Mince. Recipe

350 Gms mutton (we use cuts from the ribs and the legs-a mix of boned and boneless pieces) 150 Gms mutton mince (without fat) 50 mils mustard[...]

Lamb Seasoned with Chinese Garlic Recipe

Ingredients: lamb 1000g, Chinese garlic 150g, eggs 4 pieces. Directions: ①wash the lamb clean and divide it into 4 pieces. And put the 4 pieces into boiled[...]


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