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Introducing The Maestro Scale!

  Ever since I wrote Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking, I’ve been a proselytizer for the kitchen scale. It makes[...]

Bourbon Milk Punch(and the Maestro Scale)

When my wife Ann and I were in New Orleans in January, we felt the need, after a great Po Boys and beer at Parasol’s in the Garden District, for one more[...]


I put a pic on instagram of guacamole two weeks ago and got enough fervent responses about cilantro and garlic salt, lack of chili to realize that people[...]

Cyber Monday Offer On My Kitchen Tools

[For those who want to skip the post: promo code JINGLE—I forgot how to hyperlink the image!] Perhaps the worst feeling in the kitchen is[...]

Wherefore Thanksgiving?

If our most famous historical Republican’s claim that a nation divided against itself cannot stand, we should take heed of Thanksgiving more today than[...]

Sweet Potato Confitw/Lime Peanuts Scallions

I need your help. I bought a sweet potato to force myself to cook it in a way that was exciting to me. I’m not a sweet potato fan unless they’re[...]

An Evening withRuth and Dan

I was enormously lucky to lead a discussion with Ruth Reichl, author and editor, and Dan Barber, chef-owner of the Blue Hill restaurants in New York and[...]

The Turkey Club Sandwich

This proper Turkey Club at Gregg’s in Warwick, RI, counters a disturbing trend.   On a trip to an otherwise fine food town, Minneapolis, MN, the[...]

I Carry Your Heart:Chicken Soup For a Friend

I knew I would be spending this afternoon with a dear friend, Laura, the girl I sat next to as we graduated from Duke in 1985. She’s in considerable[...]

Spaghetti and (Chili) Meatballs or a Fab[...]

It was cold, windy night, dark by 5 pm, and I was in the mood for chili. I was also alone in my pajama pants and had no intention of leaving my toasty[...]

Travelin’ Man

When life is in disarray, travel! Which is what I’ve been doing nonstop for a month and a half, and more. The above is a salumi maker from Norcia, a town[...]

Mega Thanksgiving Post

Last year my cousin Ryan, feeling overwhelmed by the task of hosting his first Thanksgiving dinner, wrote to me for advice. I’m reposting the advice I[...]

Web Log 2.0

September has always felt like the actual start of the year so, after a long hiatus from this space, I return. I began blogging in 2006 after Megnut invited me[...]

Cooking for One: Sesame Noodles

  When I began living in a 400-square-foot studio apartment in New York City’s West Village a year ago, I lost my cooking mojo. I had about three[...]

Rip’s Tarragon Butter Baste

  Today is my long gone father’s birthday. I want to say Hi to him, and to honor the Grace of this day. And I do so with food, which so often was[...]


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