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Stir Fried Black Pepper Beef with Strawberry

The other day we tried this dish at a Chinese restaurant nearby (As recommended by Missyblurkit ) . I was very impressed with this black pepper beef with[...]

Beef Rendang, Encore!

Yesterday i saw an advertisement in paper by a local Kopitiam (cafe) lauching for their Ramadan (Muslim fasting month) meal, their beef rendang look so[...]


Saltimbocca (Beef roll with sage leaf)

This was the 1st time I use sage leaf in the cooking. I tried this recipe as seen in Flavours food magazine, this is how they described Saltimbocca -Popular[...]

Beef Rendang

Today i cooked Beef Rendang and serve with my favourite Ketupat daun palas(It is made from glutinous rice that has been wrapped in a woven fan palm (Licuala)[...]

Black pepper Scallion beef

When I see Ellie and Shirley posted Ginger Scallion beef, it remind me of the black pepper scallion beef that I cooked during my trip to Gold Coast Australia[...]

Stir fried chayote and beef

School holidays has been started, and I know i will have less time to update my blog and sorry for not often visit your blog during this period. You know, i[...]

Daging Bakar (Roasted turmeric beef) and Air[...]

I’m planning to cook Tunku’s (Father of Malaysia) favourite dishes in conjunction to this Merderka (Independence) month. The 1st Merderka meal[...]

Homemade chicken burger

I just enjoyed this yummy homemade chicken burger this morning. I baked these burger buns yesterday, it still maintain the softness till this morning. I even[...]

Rendang Daging Tok (Dry Beef Rendang) 霹雳冷当牛肉

 Every time during Ramadan month (Muslim fasting month), I am sure craving for a good Rendang ( I have two version here, rendang chicken and beef[...]

Charcoal Burger with Spicy Chicken and Black[...]

Last week, I had a busy week. We went a short trip to jalan-jalan dan makan-makan (actually we went to Taiping ,will update soon) and also arrange to send my[...]

Japanese rice burger 日本米饭汉堡

We have never try a rice burger before, until recently we tried a nice rice burger at the Asahiyama Zoo Hokkaido. It was quite a late lunch, we bought some[...]

Bo La Lot ( Vietnamese Grilled Lemongrass Beef[...]

Sometime i feel my kitchen is like International café, I cook Chinese, Japanese, Malay, India, Thai, Vietnam, Italian & etc..I am especially like to cook[...]

Red Wine Beef Stew 红酒炖牛肉

Usually during weekend, we either eating out or prepare some foods that don't need to use wok to stir fry or deep fry. Something like this red wine beef stew.[...]

Pumpkin Gnocchi with Sage and browned butter[...]

When I was figuring out what to cook for lunch yesterday, seeing the balance pumpkin sitting in the fridge, suddenly think of making gnocchi using pumpkin[...]

Beef Noodle Soup (Pho Hoa) in Ho Chi Minh,[...]

Again go " tumpang " to Ho Chi Minh with my husband, he go there for meeting, and I go there for makan (eat) and shopping.. If you happen to go there, you must[...]


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