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Scrambled eggs with carrot and shrimps

Scrambled eggs with carrot and shrimps

Today I gonna to share with you this simple egg dish, I like to serve this egg dish with porridge during lunch time for my kids, a simple and full of[...]

Stuffed Tomato and Eggs Cabbage rolls 番茄鸡蛋津白卷

This stuffed cabbage rolls was inspired and created after i saw a Guangdong famous dish cabbage rolls 津白卷 recipe (filling is using meat ) was published in a[...]


Ajitsuke Tamago (Japanese flavored soft boiled[...]

My family love this Ajitsuke Tamago ( Japanese flavored soft boiled eggs ) which served in a Japanese ramen restaurant located at Subang. Usually we[...]

Homemade Caramel Kaya ( coconut egg jam) 咖椰

I have been thinking to make caramel kaya ( last time i did pandan kaya but never try with caramel type) for so long, finally i made it with one duck[...]

Chinese steamed prawns with egg white

Seeing my blogger friend Wendy ( Table for two or more ) this week post about prawn related dishes..I also like to share with you this steamed prawn with egg[...]

Deep Fried Prawns with Salted egg yolk

I took four homemade salted eggs out from the fridge after kept it for 10days to making this dish, deep fried prawns coated with salted egg yolk. This dish[...]

Homemade salted eggs

Today we enjoyed our lunch with the salted eggs that i made for the first time. Before i share with you this recipe, first let me introduce you the owner of[...]

Egg tart with frozen puff pastry

When these egg tarts came out hot from the oven, it look so tempting and I ate 2 pieces at one go, no wonder my sore throat can not get well till now,[...]

Egg tofu with mixed vegetables, and Happy[...]

This is a quick and easy Chinese style of tofu dish. Cut egg tofu into half, from the middle remove the plastic bag, slice into few pieces Deep fry the tofu,[...]

Red Eggs 红鸡蛋

Today about egg again !! Red egg is a must have item when Chinese family celebrating Birthday, baby's full month, wedding & etc. My son Lucas turned to[...]

Choon Pniah ( Nyonya Egg Spring Roll ) 娘惹春餅

Thinking to join Alan Travelling Foodies's MFF Penang event, but I have cooked few Penang foods before like Penang Assam Laksa , Penang prawn noodles (a very[...]

Kai Loog Keuy / Thai Son-in-law eggs

I had this dish at a Thai restaurant on the other day. I was curious the funny name then I asked the waiter why this dish has such funny name called Son-in-law[...]

Braised Napa cabbage with Egg floss 蛋酥滷白菜~~欢喜过马年

 The braised Napa cabbage is a popular and common dish in Taiwan, they called it as 滷白菜. The other day I saw this dish in a Taiwan cook show (by[...]

Thit Kho (Vietnamese Caramelized Braised Pork[...]

 Vietnamese braised pork is slightly difference from the usual Chinese braised pork. The nice golden and brown colour is not provided from the usual[...]

Easy Portuguese egg tarts 简易葡式蛋塔

I have to clear the store-bought puff pastry and dairy whipping cream before they expired. So I try made these easy version of Portuguese tarts instead of the[...]


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