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Beans, Grains & Legumes

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Green Bean Vegetable Curry

Simple lovely dish that goes well with any rice or roti. Utilizing the gift from a lovely friend... she gave me a packet of green beans which she suggested[...]

Kek Lapis Kacang Merah (Red Bean Layered Cake)

I made this cake in July but thought will share in this blog only after the publication in the magazine - this is one of the cakes featured in Aroma magazine[...]


Kuih Kasturi Kacang Merah (Fried Red Bean[...]

This kuih is known as Kuih Kasturi aka Kuih Rengas is normally made of grean beans but I tweaked it with red bean instead in order to clear the red bean[...]

Fish in Baked Beans Sauce (Ikan Masak Sos[...]

Does it sound unusual combination? Well, try it.... not bad actually and especially nice if your kids love baked beans. I actually ran out of idea for dinner[...]

Serimuka Kacang Merah (Red Bean Glutinous Kuih)

Serimuka with red bean flavoured topping, what a wonderful combo for those who love red beans like me & hubby. I made this last week to serve for high tea[...]

Red Beans with Soy Milk (Bubur Soya Kacang[...]

I purposely boiled the whole packet of red beans to prepare for the bingka yesterday..... My hubby suggested for soy milk instead of the usual coconut milk[...]

Bingka Kacang Merah (Baked Red Bean Kuih)

I bought a packet of red beans more than two months ago - been dreaming to bake this kuih but there were just too many blockers.... Finally I managed to make[...]

Green Peas Cookies II  (Biskut Kacang Peas II)

This will be my last entry of Idh Adha menu.... I love this cookies so much & didn't have enough during the last Idh Fitri (see here ) so I decided to[...]

Green Peas Cookies (Biskut Kacang Peas)

Finally I had my first cookies.... I've selected this Green Peas Cookies as my first choice after eyeing for it since last year at DG's house but only last[...]

Bubur Kacang dgn Sagu & Keledek (Mung Beans[...]

Cik Ja, can you recognise the Delf Blue....hehe, love it so much! Surprising my hubby with his favourite dessert for today's Iftar but this time added sago[...]

Fish in HoiSin & Fermented Beans Sauce (Ikan[...]

Delicious sweet & sour dish, suitable to increase appetite in the fasting month. Since beginning of Ramadhan I've been cooking more chicken & beef as[...]

Red Bean Jelly (Agar-Agar Kacang Merah)

Another jelly / agar-agar creation of mine to share with everyone. I made it few weeks ago during gathering with friends. My hubby loves anything with red[...]

Long Beans & Bean Sprouts Masak Lemak

I have not been cooking vegetables in creamy gravy for long time and no concern for cholesterol level because I used skimmed santan. I guess no recipe needed[...]

Tempe & Kobis Masak Lemak (Fermented Soy Bean &[...]

I have not been cooking Masak Lemak Cili Api for quite some time.... found a packet of Tempe (fermented soy bean cake) and round cabbage in the fridge and[...]

Mini Vegetable Omelets

I was not in a mood to cook vegetables for dinner and therefore added some vegetable into the omelet. I had some leftover coconut milk so experimenting it[...]


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