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Soups & Stews

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Baby ABC Soup 迷你罗宋汤

The idea of making this Baby ABC soup has been in my mind for quite some time after seeing in Wendy ( Table for two or more )'s blog. Today when i was doing[...]

新山粿條湯 Pork Kuey Teow Soup (Johor style)

Enjoy this hot noodles soup in this recent hot weather was not a good idea, my daughter and I were sweating like no body business after we finished our bowl[...]


Pig Maw / stomach Pepper Chicken Soup 猪肚胡椒鸡汤

There will be two posts for today and tomorrow, because i want to finish posting all CNY related delights before the closing tomorrow. Sorry, i have forgotten[...]

Tonjiru (Japanese Pork Miso Soup)[...]

After i cooked the Japanese Chicken Karaage 炸鸡块 which i was inspired by a Japanese drama 深夜食堂 (Midnight Canteen) , this time I try with the main dish[...]

Glass noodles soup 冬粉汤

This is a bowl of humble and old fashioned noodles soup that we like, no luxury ingredients are added. We especially love to add Tong Choy (a kind of[...]

Taro and rice vermicelli noodle soup

This morning i was tried to search this recipe in my blog list, i seen in a Chinese blog before but i couldn't recall which blog. Bakeling was laughing at me[...]

Chayote and Sweet corn soup

Yesterday my sister told me that her friend who also love baking has improved her baking skill a lot if compare to last time. I asked her how she managed to[...]

Tofu Pok and Chicken Stew

Today I would like to share with you this hamble home cooked dish, my family members love anything cooked with Tofu Pok especially in curry. Beside Chicken[...]

Mongolian chicken, 2 dishes plus 1 soup event

When i know Cuisine Paradise hosting the 2 dishes plus 1 soup event / $20 budget meal event, i know i have no problem to participate this event. Usually I[...]

Chicken and potato stew

This is one of the chicken dish that well received by my family members and also every Chinese mother know how to cook this dish. My version is super simple[...]

Fish fillets Mee Hoon soup (rice vermicelli[...]

I like to eat the famous Seremban ‘s Fish Head Mee Hoon soup, as the soup is spicy (the spiciness came from liberal use of pepper) and little creamy by[...]

Homemade Dashi,Japanese soup stock, (出汁, だし)

I'm going to make Chicken Katsu Don for dinner this evening, my kids especially Lucas love Japanese food. I like to make Dashi (Japanese soup stock) from[...]

Chicken & Vegetables stew

Hi all, this is the Chicken & vegetable stew that I enjoyed with the yummy bagels . This is very similar to ABC soup (potato, carrot, tomato & chicken[...]

Sweet Potato Soup

I like to cook sweet potato soup especially during lunch time, quick and easy, and best to eat with a plate of fried mee hoon (rice vermicelli) . This is too[...]

Fish cake and fish balls noodle soup

I like to order this type of fish cake noodles soup in one of the restaurant nearby my area, they serve very fresh fish balls and fish cake. Yesterday i just[...]


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