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Corns and Pumpkin Savory Pancakes 玉米南瓜煎饼

 The other day I made this simple and tasty savoury pancake for lunch..Basically I just modified from the earlier Japanese savoury pancake Okonomiyaki[...]

Cranberries Cream Cheese Pai Pao (Bread)[...]

While i tried to figure out what to make so i can use finish the leftover 100g cream cheese from raspberry cheesecake . I saw Jessie-cooking moments[...]


Mini Red Bean Buns 迷你红豆面包

When my daughter invited her best friends to our Mid-Autumn festival BBQ Party , her friends were so sweet, even gave me a baking cookbook as a gift. The[...]

Steamed Pumpkin buns with Lotus paste filling[...]

The other day my blogger friend Simple Menu (Yan) forwarded a link to me and asked me : you do you do, you can do this, hahaha.. She always asked me to try[...]

Purple Sweet Potato buns 奶香紫薯面包

For the past few days, i was busy making few type of breads for breakfast. I was so happy able to make the sandwich roll that taste quite close to[...]

Plaited Coconut Bread 椰子面包

When this coconut bread was baking inside the oven, my whole kitchen was full of nice coconut aromatic !! make coconut balls then wrap with bread dough if you[...]

Mashed Potato Bacon Bread 薯泥培根面包

I tried out this simple bread recipe from a cookbook that i bought from Shanghai. It turn out so good, and we enjoyed this bun for breakfast today..Earlier i[...]

Oreo bread

Beside the brown sugar butter bread 黑糖黄糖牛油面包, i also saw this Oreo bread published in the same newspaper. I like to try new things, so i also try out this[...]

Brown sugar butter bread 黑糖黄糖牛油面包

I have seen so many Chinese bloggers have tried this simple and yummy buns 粗糖牛油面包 . This time i made some changes by changing white sugar to dark and light[...]

Cranberry Cream Cheese Soft Buns

When i saw Shirely Kokken69 shared this Barcook's popular out-of-the-oven-this-minute-gone-next Raisin/Cranberry Cream Cheese bun, i was curious how the taste[...]

Red Bean Pau (steamed buns)

Usually when i cook red bean dessert soup, my kids just drink soup and left out the red bean. As not to waste food, i save the cooked red bean and add more[...]

Coconut buns

This buns was special requested by my husband who love coconut buns.. We prefer white coconut filling (use white sugar) more than brown coconut filling (use[...]

Easy French Bread / Baguette

I'm so happy to find out this simple French bread recipe. Love the crunchy and crispy crust (while hot) , soft and chewy inside.. I can use the same recipe[...]

Pumpkin Black Sesame Bread

The other day i bought a half pumpkin, and I use it to make this Pumpkin black sesame bread, pumpkin butter cake and steamed savourty pumpkin cake. I agreed[...]

Roti Paun (Little butter buns)

I feel so good when I having back my camera just now, hehehe. I quickly download old photos in the camera as I wanted to share with you this Roti paun. Roti[...]


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