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Chocolate Chips Bread Puding

Assalam, kalau anda rasa anda tersalah masuk dapur Curlybabe sebab nampak puding2 yang boleh dikira posting tentang puding kat dapur ni, dont be[...]

Pita Bread Pizza

We had this pita bread as the base for our pizzas..saw this somewhere but I cant remember instead of making the dough, I just use ready made pita[...]


Japanese Pancakes - Apam Jepun

Made this Japanese pancakes (Apam Jepun) again.. I used the apam mould that I bought the other day...I just love this snacks..really fallling in love with[...]

Vanilla Sugar Sweet Buns

Lama rasanya kita tak family actually suka juga makan roti..tapi jenis yang sweet bun lah gitu...walaupun kat sini senang nak dapatkan roti manis[...]

Mexican Buns - In A Cup

Yup!! thats my Mexican buns...hahaha... if a Mexican sees this he must have shot me dead!!!...cause I disgraced their usual some misadventures[...]

Bread Bowl w/ Cream Of Mushrooms Soup

I forgot to put this the other day.. had this on Sunday for breakfast..I made 3 big bread bowls instead of 6 in the recipe so that I get a bigger bowl. First[...]

Toasted Bread w/ Slice Cheese

When I am short of ideas of what to make for Iqram when he came back from school, I will definitely, made this for him..bread with toasted cheese.. I buttered[...]

Chocolate Bread Pudding

Honestly, when comes to pudding, I don't really fancy..but when I saw this in Kak Ummi's blog, I was tempted..first because its chocolate second because its[...]

Roti Focaccia Sos Pasta

This was our dinner yesterday, saw the recipe in the Malay newsapaper..the taste was like PIZZA.. I recommend for those who are lazy to make pizza dough you[...]

Chocolate Bread

Look at our friends blogs they made breads..I also want to make bread...don't want to miss out the thrill I usual always[...]

Nutella Bread

When I made this yesterday, for breakfast this morning... I thought its quite easy to make it.. I realised the skill needed to put in the nutella filling as[...]

Sweet Bun Dough

There was some balance of the green beans and coconut paste which I used for the Ang ku kuih, that I 've decided to make this sweet buns. Recipe from Koleksi[...]


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