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Sardin Gonggok (Sardine Rolls)

Let's have fun creating beautiful sardine rolls shaped like croissants. More interestingly these freeze well and quickly ready for unexpected walk-in guests.[...]

Bingka Tepung Pulut (Glutinous Rice Bingka)

Malay bingka (wet traditional cakes) range from sweet to savoury with countless varieties. This is one of my favourites with unique taste and bouncy texture (I[...]

Kek Horlicks Sarawak

This is my first entry this year and let's pray that I could do more entries than the past years... Life is good and 'relaxing' and yet too little time to do[...]


As promised, I'm sharing the caramel icing recipe that I made in the last entry. Apology for not having specific photo of the caramel... try it yourself and[...]

Pavlova Nests

Entertained my niece's request... These beautiful little nests are melt-in-the-mouth dessert which will be fast gone before your guilt... Although it is sugar[...]

Bingka Kacang Hijau Kukus

I had been craving for this Malay kuih and made it many times in the past using the recipe in here , which is my favourite recipe. I just don't need to try[...]

Best Ever Buttercake

Year end is approaching very soon then I realized I had only one entry this year which was in January…. indeed it was such a long break. There are many[...]

Light Banana Cake (Kek Pisang Gebu)

I’m very happy with the outcome of this…. Very light and fluffy cake with rich banana taste…. In a simple word I say it is delicious!!! It is[...]

Hokkaido Cheese Tarts

Posting something I’ve tried many months ago…. thought it is not too late to share here…. at least keeping this blog alive…. Who does[...]

Taiwanese Butter Toast Bread

Let’s relax and enjoy sweet delicious toast bread at home…. In a lazy morning, lingering with fresh air in the patio cannot be better with simple[...]

Steamed Brownies and Cheesecake (Kek Lapis[...]

Who can resist brownies and cheesecake…. Combine the two and you’ll get a perfect compliments…. Moreover make it Asian way by[...]

Juicing for Health

Drink a glass of freshly squeezed vegetables and fruits for health and revitalisation. You can juice any vegetable, be it carrot, cucumber, celery, turnip,[...]

Portuguese Egg Tarts

Tested this recipe for an evening tea…. I was looking for a recipe which does not use heavy cream because I didn’t have that in hand and found this[...]

Marble Cake (Kek Marble Trio)

Hi there...! It has been almost a year since the last entry.... missing my blog so much... This effort takes a lot of patience as my telephone line and[...]

Doa Selamat Kembali & Harijadi Bonda

Assalamualaikum semua sahabat2 Along.... Alhamdulillah Along dah selamat kembali ke tanah air sebulan yang lalu.... Terimakasih tidak terhingga kepada semua[...]


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