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Best Ever Buttercake

Year end is approaching very soon then I realized I had only one entry this year which was in January…. indeed it was such a long break. There are many[...]

Light Banana Cake (Kek Pisang Gebu)

I’m very happy with the outcome of this…. Very light and fluffy cake with rich banana taste…. In a simple word I say it is delicious!!! It is[...]

Hokkaido Cheese Tarts

Posting something I’ve tried many months ago…. thought it is not too late to share here…. at least keeping this blog alive…. Who does[...]

Taiwanese Butter Toast Bread

Let’s relax and enjoy sweet delicious toast bread at home…. In a lazy morning, lingering with fresh air in the patio cannot be better with simple[...]

Steamed Brownies and Cheesecake (Kek Lapis[...]

Who can resist brownies and cheesecake…. Combine the two and you’ll get a perfect compliments…. Moreover make it Asian way by[...]

Juicing for Health

Drink a glass of freshly squeezed vegetables and fruits for health and revitalisation. You can juice any vegetable, be it carrot, cucumber, celery, turnip,[...]

Portuguese Egg Tarts

Tested this recipe for an evening tea…. I was looking for a recipe which does not use heavy cream because I didn’t have that in hand and found this[...]

Marble Cake (Kek Marble Trio)

Hi there...! It has been almost a year since the last entry.... missing my blog so much... This effort takes a lot of patience as my telephone line and[...]

Doa Selamat Kembali & Harijadi Bonda

Assalamualaikum semua sahabat2 Along.... Alhamdulillah Along dah selamat kembali ke tanah air sebulan yang lalu.... Terimakasih tidak terhingga kepada semua[...]

Bubur Asyura (Malay Assorted-Filled Pudding)

It has been the tradition in Peninsular Malaysia to make this pudding (called as Bubur Asyura) during Muharram month to commemorate and replicate collaboration[...]

Jellyfish Salad (Umai Ubur-Ubur)

“I am submitting this dish to Malaysian Food Fest , Sarawak Month hosted by Sharon of Feats of Feasts ”. This is not kind of contest or anything[...]

Menu HROH 2012

Vegetable Lasagna I did not plan to do an open house this year because of many constraints but the two boys wanted their friends over so I promised them that[...]

Rich Oreo Brownies from Cake Scraps

Yes, you are reading the title right.... this cake is made from leftover cake scraps! Next time you have cake scraps after making decorated/layered cake, don't[...]

Apam Pisang Gula Hangus (Banana Steamed Cake)

Created this steamed cake to utilise my ripened banana that recently chopped from the backyard. I posted few versions earlier but thought this time I wanted to[...]

Checkerboard Cake for Birthday

June is a very special month for my family because three members of the family were borned in June plus Father's Day is in June as well. This year I decided to[...]


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