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Menu HROH 2012

Vegetable Lasagna I did not plan to do an open house this year because of many constraints but the two boys wanted their friends over so I promised them that[...]

Rich Oreo Brownies from Cake Scraps

Yes, you are reading the title right.... this cake is made from leftover cake scraps! Next time you have cake scraps after making decorated/layered cake, don't[...]

Apam Pisang Gula Hangus (Banana Steamed Cake)

Created this steamed cake to utilise my ripened banana that recently chopped from the backyard. I posted few versions earlier but thought this time I wanted to[...]

Checkerboard Cake for Birthday

June is a very special month for my family because three members of the family were borned in June plus Father's Day is in June as well. This year I decided to[...]

Pandan Bread Pudding (Bingka Roti Pandan Bakar)

I had more than a loaf of stale bread leftover from the week.... bread pudding is always a solution to it! This time I made it with pandan flavour.... wow....[...]

Carrot Cake with Walnuts

CF bought me a packet of walnuts during her holiday in New Zealand and asked me to make carrot cake. This carrot cake is my keeper for 9 years and in my[...]

Peparu Goreng Berempah II

Clearing the lung stock from the recent Idh sacrifice.... This time I cooked it in several steps as opposed to my short-cut method in the first version here .[...]

Orange Poppy Olive Oil Muffins

Prepared something quick and easy for the next day breakfast for Liana & office mates.... I particularly like the aroma of olive oil in the cake which was[...]

Dried Shrimps (Udang Geragau Kering)

The shrimps season is still on.... this is one of the longest shrimp season I've seen since the last 20 years in Miri. The price is getting cheaper and only[...]

Steamed Double Layer Banana Cake (Kek Pisang[...]

Fabulous taste and texture.... Perfect combination of the two layers of different flavours.... Moist and rich of banana flavour at the bottom, matched with[...]

Apam Pisang Putih Gebu (White Steamed Banana[...]

This fabulous steamed cake is really tasty, light & moist in texture.... I created it while experimenting with egg whites and turned out marvelous..! I[...]

Peanut Sauce (Kuah Kacang)

Typically peanut sauce is for satay dip &/or pressed rice. We all in the house just like it plain with pressed rice although sometimes I like to add[...]

Mee Bakso Tulang

This was our menu on the recent Idh.... Everyone in the house enjoyed it so much, truely satisfying for the special occassion when all children were backed[...]

Kek Lapis Pandan Prune & Coklat (Pandan Prune &[...]

Beautiful green Pandan layered cake which I modified with added prunes and chocolates... awesome! By: [email protected] Source: DayangJack Modified slightly[...]

Kek Lapis Asam Manis Evergreen (Sarawak Pandan[...]

My youngest brother passed away a year ago most unexpectedly at young age, just few months away before his wedding. Most of our siblings gathered in Jan[...]


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