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Cooking with children: PB&J French Toast

After trying HK French toast on my HK trip, I really wanted to make it at home. But I'm so busy lately (you can see that I didn't post my blog for almost a[...]

Vegan Spring roll

It's time for "Kin Je festival" (eating vegetarian food) again, and I came up with my favorite menu. In "Kin Je festival" we don't eat egg, meat, garlic and[...]

Four friends Rice: Rice with Chinese sausage,[...]

Not that I made this rice for 4 f my friends, haha, but in Thailand when you mix different things into one dish they love to use this kind of name. And for[...]

Travel with dailydelicious: Hong Kong, City of[...]

When Matsumiyasan asked me "I will hold a Chinese tea party to celebrate La melangee (Matsumiyasan's Tea shop) 30 year anniversary in Hong Kong on 9th of[...]

Fluffy Yogurt Pancakes

I'm very busy lately, well the reason is I will go to Japan next month, so I have to complete all my work before taking my vacation. And it took all of my time[...]

Green tea Shortbreads: 抹茶ショートブレッド

I just came back from Hong Kong ^^, well the temperature was too high, and I felt so tired, -*-. But it's fun, or the exact word is it's delicious! (anyway, I[...]

Oatmeal and Date cookies

Oatmeal is one of my favorite ingredients, chewy, a bit earthy ^^, and yes, it's packed with fibre and mineral too. There are many kinds of oat in the market,[...]

Purple potato 2 tones bread

Last month, I saw a pack of Purple sweet potato Powder in a shop, and yes, I couldn't help myself but buying it, haha. As you know that I always want to try[...]

Jasmine rice Congee with chicken

One of my favorite dish is congee, it's soft, smooth and make you warm. It's not easy to boil the rice until it turn into smooth paste, so most of the time it[...]

Whole Wheat Yogurt Scones

High in fibre and rich in taste, this is not your traditional scone. I got so many email asked me about using whole wheat flour instead of plain flour, you may[...]

Berry Skillet Cake

You can't have too much of easy recipes ^^. Because there are load of things in life that we have to (or must) do, well for me, I still have my work, as baking[...]

Strawberry Brownies

I think about chocolate, and yes, it can be in any form ^^. Cake, cookies, pancake etc. there are many recipes that I want to make. But to tell you the truth,[...]

Chicken liver pâté

When I was very young, we (me and my sisters and brother) always went to nearby supermarket together. It's fun (and it's the starting point for my supermarket[...]

Banana Chocolate Rolls

Banana and chocolate, I think they are one of the best combination on earth, haha. Actually banana goes well with many things, cheese, nut or other kinds of[...]

Sweet Potato Angel Biscuits

Last week my sister and brother went to farmer learning center. Not that they will start their own farm, haha, but they just went to see their friend. And[...]


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