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Beef Liver in Sambal Pengantin

Akhir nya berjaya jugak nak cuba Sambal Goreng Pengantin Nur (My Little Kitchen). Along guna hati & daging lembu korban baru2 ni. Lama jugak proses[...]

Bihun Sup Utara (Mee Hoon with Beef Bone Soup)

Menu from the recent gathering with Riz..... with flying-hot Sambal Kicap! I have reduced the recipe below to a smaller portion. By: [email protected] Serves[...]


Black Pepper Beef Liver II

My younger brother & I cooked similar dish for my sister's wedding recently but to our dismay it was stolen from the table minutes after the bride &[...]

Chili Beef Liver (Hati Lembu Masak Cili)

When digging into the freezer, found the frozen liver which I don't remember I ever bought any so I guess it must be from the last year Qurban.... LOL, let's[...]

Beef & Barley Stew

This delicious Beef & Barley Soup can be prepared with no sweat using slow cooker - just dump everything in it, no frequent check necessary and ready by[...]

Beef Balls in Black Pepper Sauce (Bebola Daging[...]

My kids love Black Pepper Beef but this time I minced the meat and turned it into balls. The beef balls were then deep fried until crispy and they love it s[...]

Beef Burger with Coleslaw & Black Pepper Sauce

Our breakfast this morning..... Beef burger and Hash Browns Grilled buns filled with beef burger dipped in black pepper sauce, a slice of cheese, grilled[...]

Fried Beef with Petai (Daging & Petai Goreng)

Not everybody like Petai but I'm a fan of it! Suddenly I crave for Beef & Petai.... this is the way I like to cook it - my way which is simple but nice![...]

Sup Daging Kaw (Malay Beef Soup)

My two boys love beef dishes very much and this is one of their favourite and my hubby's too..... Malay style soup which is deliciously spiced up. By:[...]

Kampung Sweet Sour Beef w Pineapple (Asam Pedas[...]

This popular Malay kampung dish uses beef with high proportion of fat to lean... forget about diet, this is so irresistible...! Occasional consumption not[...]

Chili Beef (Daging Masak Cili)

After the last post, don't feel much excitement for updates... Anyway, serving here an ordinary dish which are my two boys' favourite. By: [email protected][...]

Beef in Kaprau Sauce (Daging Masak ala Kaprau)

I made Masak ala Kaprau again for third round but using beef this time. What I like so much about it is the basil leaves aroma. Made to serve a friend for[...]

Deep Fried Spicy Beef

Made this to compliment other dishes. Usually we had deep fried fish/chicken as side dish but this time I tried it with beef and both my sons like it. By:[...]

Simple Chili Beef (Daging Masak Cili)

I rarely cook beef compared to fish & chicken and therefore kids get very excited whenever I serve beef dishes. This is one of our favourite beef recipes[...]

Beef & Potato Samosa

I've been craving for this type of samosas for long time. I used to enjoy the best samosa of all from a Pakistan restaurant in Bayswater during my student[...]

Thin & Crispy Cheeseburger Pizza

I was searching my fridge this morning and figuring what to prepare for breakfast. I found a packet of Kawanku Flaky Wrap, only 3 pieces of beef burgers,[...]


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