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Hati Buya (Peparu Goreng Berempah)

Didn't snap many photos and was quite disappointed with what came out... none really look good and reflects what it really looks like! Anyway, for those from[...]

Gulai Lemak Jantung Pisang & Kerang

The banana heart was from my backyard.... cooked in spicy low fat broth with cockles.... mmmmm really enjoyed my dinner plate of rice with this delicious[...]

Rezeki di Musim Bubuk

Yeeeey.... musim bubuk datang lagi! Selepas musim dabai, durian, cempedak & macam2 buah2an sekarang ni musim bubuk (udang geragau) pula....[...]

Banana Crumble Pie

Another creation from banana.... after successful banana apam before this, I tried to make chunky banana pie with crumble topping and am impressed with my own[...]

Makan-Makan with Riz

It was a fun gathering yesterday afternoon as a last 'lepak-lepak'with Riz before she moves to KL next week. It was just a small gathering and simple menu.[...]

Biskut Mama Carrie

A late entry..... made it few weeks ago for my nephew and nothing more left..... He had been asking for this everytime I visited hometown so I thought will be[...]

Ayam Masak Kicap Prune

I had some prunes (plums) leftover from cake making last week.... so I decided to add them into the cooking.... mmmm not bad! It served in two ways - as a[...]

Asam Pedas Tulang Rusuk

My favourite dish..... rib bones in spicy sourish gravy! By: [email protected] INGREDIENTS: 500-600g Rib Bones 20 Dried Chilies* 5 Shallots* 2 cloves Garlic*[...]

Kek Marble Tiga Rasa

Beautiful, moist and tasty cake.... I made it last week when my parents and siblings in law were here visiting. By: [email protected] Source: Facebook - Mummy[...]

Sup Ayam Harum Kantan

Plenty of ginger buds cropped out in the garden so I came out with idea to add it to chicken soup.... the outcome was very pleasantly fragrant and delicious![...]

Quail Egg in Black Chili (Telur Puyuh Masak[...]

I never purposely bought quail eggs because it is high in cholesterol despite its petit size. However, I gotta clear the leftover from my last decoration[...]


Crepes or thin pancakes are called Lempeng in Malay. Since I have leftover fish curry from last night dinner, I thought crepes will be nice and healthier than[...]

Baked Apple French Toast

This was our breakfast today.... saw it at Wendy's house last night and straight away gave me an idea for breakfast menu since I had all the ingredients[...]


One of my simple breakfast..... Bruschetta served on a garlic toasted slices & White Cheese..... INGREDIENTS: Cherry Tomatoes - cut (ord tomatoes is also[...]

Baked Snapper in Woku Spices

Saw this in Nor's house yesterday but postponed to today when both boys are at home for dinner (they go to tution class on Mondays). Nor said that the dish is[...]

Green Chili Chicken

Initially I wanted to cook rendang but it is time consuming so I ended up with this dish instead. I used thin coconut milk & let it boiled until the[...]

Chapati Folders

Chapati is my family traditional's meal, loved by everyone... I came from a very big family and I recalled that when we were children, everytime my mother[...]


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